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Sign: Virgin lady (Virgo)

General Forecast 2017: The coming year is going to make you more sensible as well as more responsible than you already are. You will enjoy enough stability all through out the year in every field be it your profession or your family or your health and even in your academic life as well. However in the medial parts of the year you might have to b a bit cautious regarding your health. It is better that you take proper precautions beforehand. After all we know that prevention is better than cure.

Career 2017: When it comes to your professional life or your career you can expect that the coming year definitely has a lot prospects to yield. The year 2017 is going to be a creative as well as a stable year for you. In your profession you are going to have ample scopes to showcase your talents. However you will also be required to maintain a state of level headedness all through out the year. You have to watch out so that you do not become the victim of the internal office politics.

Romance 2017: 2017 is good for your romance life as well. The relationships with your spouse or partner are going to be peaceful as well as long lasting. You need not have any stress level regarding tour familial life.

Finance 2017: In terms of finance too 2017 is going to be a stable as well as profitable year for you. This year you might attain enough financial strength which will ultimately encourage you to carry on with a dream project. The acquisition of financial stability and strength will also earn you a revered position in your neighboring areas.

Lucky color: Green, Grey, Mushroom, White etc.

Lucky number: 5,14, 23,32, 41 and 50.

Symbol: Libra

General Forecast 2017: The coming year is definitely going to be a significant year for Librans in many ways. They have always been accredited for their patience, perseverance as well as a strong sense of ethics. In the coming year they will enjoy a great deal of laurels because of these virtues of their personality. Being committed to your profession you will also enjoy a rapid flourish in your professional career. Your family life, academic life and professional life will be a state of perfect equilibrium. You will be able to overcome the levels of frustrations that perhaps dominated our soul the previous year. You will be a gainer in the coming year if you make it a point to look at the brighter sides of things in the coming year. Those who are in the field of academic researches may be able to get some major breakthroughs in the coming year. You will also enjoy a peace of mind in matters related to your health and hygiene.

Career 2017: It is a charismatic charm of the Librans that they have always been eulogized for their phenomenal work ethics. This strong sense of ethics is perhaps the asset which will help you to attain an enviable position at workplace in the coming year. The year is the one when you will get all the chances to fulfill your long cherished dreams. However it is important that you choose to remain hard working as before. During the medial parts of the year you might get a promotion.

Romance 2017: The year 2017 is going to be a very romantic year for you. If you are still single or if you have not fallen in love with some one else then this year you might get out of your loneliness. 2017 is going to be great for love relationships as well as for conjugal life. You will enjoy complete peace in your love life. Your relationship will stay far away from the pangs of misunderstanding between you and your love interest. However in order to make sure that you can go on with your love relationships for a longer span of time it is important that you and your partners choose to be interactive. The more interactions will take place between you the better and the stronger will be the relationship that you share passionately. It will also help you stay away from conflicts.

Finance 2017: This is a year when you overcome complications and come out triumphant. 2017 is going to give you rich dividends. All you have to do is take some wise decision and invest money in proper hubs from where you can earn assured return of your investments. It is a fact that there will be an array of opportunities in terms financial gains lined up in front of you. Do not be in haste. Take decisions with complete level headedness.

Lucky color: Green and Blue.

Lucky number:  6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 and 60.


 Symbol: Scorpion

General Forecast 2017: Be it love compatibility, be it healthy relationships, be it your growth trajectory in your career or profession or be it your well being or sound health the coming year 2017 is going to be significant from all the aspects. All through out the year you will enjoy a stable immunity system in the functions of your body. Therefore there no high chances of being anxious about your health. You are going to leave your marks on the upcoming year with your charismatic zeal as well as your great skill of oration. As a matter of fact it is this positive strength in you which is going to establish you as a powerful character in the coming year and in the long ruin is going to offer you rich dividends.

Career 2017: Those people who are fortunate enough to be born with the sign of scorpion are known for their skills or dexterity at work. From this point of view you have to appreciate the coming year as it will give enough scopes to prove your worth. Just make it a pint that you are dedicated to your work as you have been all through out your life. New avenues will open up like magic.

Romance 2017: From the point of view of love and amorous relationship 2017 is definitely going to be a year that you are never going to forget in your entire span of life. There are high possibilities of meeting an entity who can bring in new dimensions in your life. As a matter of fact, your unbelievable magnetism of character will draw others to you like magnets. This particular quality in you will definitely play a vital role in 2017 to get you introduced to new friends.

Finance 2017: From financial aspects the coming year is going to be a positive one for you. There are ample scopes of gaining monetary profits through your business ventures. You can earn a handsome hike in the salary also. However you will be required to maintain a balance in the lifestyle that you lead.

Lucky color: All shades of blue & scarlet colors.

Lucky number:  9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81 and 90.


 Symbol: Sagittarius (Virgo)

General Forecast 2017: The coming year is going to make you more sensible as well as more responsible than you already are. You will enjoy enough stability all through out the year in every field be it your profession or your family or your health and even in your academic life as well. However in the medial parts of the year you might have to b a bit cautious regarding your health. It is better that you take proper precautions beforehand. After all we know that prevention is better than cure.

Career 2017: When it comes to your professional life or your career you can expect that the coming year definitely has a lot prospects to yield. The year 2017 is going to be a creative as well as a stable year for you. In your profession you are going to have ample scopes to showcase your talents. However you will also be required to maintain a state of level headedness all through out the year. You have to watch out so that you do not become the victim of the internal office politics.

Romance 2017: 2017 is good for your romance life as well. The relationships with your spouse or partner are going to be peaceful as well as long lasting. You need not have any stress level regarding tour familial life.

Finance 2017: In terms of finance too 2017 is going to be a stable as well as profitable year for you. This year you might attain enough financial strength which will ultimately encourage you to carry on with a dream project. The acquisition of financial stability and strength will also earn you a revered position in your neighboring areas.

Lucky color: Green, Grey, Mushroom, White.

Lucky number:  5,14, 23,32, 41 and 50.


 Symbol: Lion (Leo)

General Forecast 2017: The upcoming year is going to be a fun year for you as you are going to enjoy a quality time with your family as well as friends. You can have a lot of expectations with this particular year. Everything will look just great and in a way in which you have always wanted things to happen in your life. Your will power and pro active nature will take you places. This is a very significant year for those who are into the creative field as they will be showered with the opportunities of showcasing their innate creativity. It is a distinctive feature of your personality that you can motivate people at ease. It is the specific quality which will help you attain the acute attention from all. It can also give you a professional mileage.

Career 2017: When it comes to your career or professional life then you will be asked not to make any extra worries or take unnecessary stress levels. The coming year you are going to have a smooth sailing in your professional life. You will be given much importance in your workplace. There may be a sudden promotion at work which will inspire you to give your best and exert the nicest capacities that you have.

Romance 2017: The upcoming year is going to be a fun year for you in terms of your love life. In the matters related to your heart you are going to come out as a victor. You are definitely going to enjoy a peaceful relationship with the love interest of your life. It will be an eloquent as well as highly passionate relationship that you are going to share with the love interest of your life.

Finance 2017: In terms of finance this particular year is going to be an average one for you. However there is no such thing that you have to be skeptical or unnerved about. With level headedness and strategic moves you can achieve some profitable gains as well. The mid of the year is very much important for you as some really lucrative business opportunities might turn up.

Lucky color: Orange, White, Red & Gold.

Lucky number:  4, 10, 13, 19 , 22.


 Symbol: Crab (Cancer)

General Forecast for Cancer: Be it your financial progress, be it the stability and well being of your health, and be it the well being of your family life the year 2017 is going to add bright colors in your life. In the significant if you sincerely wish to attain a goal, be it related to your professional life or personal life, you will be able to achieve it. This is particular year when you will be required to concentrate on your professional life more as there are ample chances of advancement in your career.

You will be required to maintain a discipline in life. Do not take overloads of work on yourself. Probably this year you will have the scope of reaping the benefits of the sincere and hard labor that you have done in the previous year. However you have to keep an important aspect in mind and that is you should not indulge yourself into a hasty decision when it comes to your family life.

Career 2017 for Cancer: In the coming year those who are in the field of scientific inventions are going to have a great time in their career. A lot of career advancement opportunities are coming their way. Those who are artist, writers as well as journalists will achieve significantly. In order to maintain equilibrium in your work life make it a point to stay away from all kinds of internal politics that play in your organization.

Romance 2017 for Cancer: The coming year your love life is filled with an array of fun acts. If you take delight in being a little flirtatious you are going to have enough options to create a great impression on your opposite sex. In this significant year of your life what is more important is to give significance you each others’ feelings. Make it a point that your behavior or conduct does not hurt the feelings of your love interest. Being particularly careful about this issue you will be able to give a picture perfect shape to your love life.

Finance 2017 for Cancer: From financial aspects also you are going to make significant achievements. If you make some cautious investments in the field of business or in the money market you will be crowned with enviable profit levels.

Lucky color for Cancer: White & Orange.

Lucky number for Cancer:  2, 7, 11, 16, 20 & 25.


Symbol: Twins (Gemini)

General Forecast 2017: 2017 is going to usher in good things in to the spectrum of your life. If you are in your academic life then you can expect that some rosy things are on your way.2017 is definitely a fascinating one for you in terms of your career, your love life as well as financial advancements. People who are born with the zodiac sign of Gemini are generally considered to have high intelligence level.

At the same time they are also recognized for being well behaved as well as charming. These two assets of your personality will help you achieve some valuable goals in the coming year. Your tenacity for inquisitiveness will prove to be helpful for you.

Career 2017: When it comes to the crucial issue of your career and professional life the year 2017 has definitely got a lot in its store for you, obviously there are positive things that are waiting for you in the coming year. In the initial segment you might have to brave through a series of turmoil. However as the time progresses you will find that the road blocks are receding away making way for good things. A promotion may not be on the cards. However you can expect that there is going to be an increase in your salary if you continue to perform in consistent manner.

To get to your dream designation you will be required to stick to your career goals. You will start getting good news at your workplace in between the time span of March and June. However there might be some time when you get exposed to fickle mindedness. You might be under some rigorous pressure at tomes. Do not get the pressure take hold of yourself. If you manage to be patient as well as strategic you will be able to achieve your targets in a much comprehensive fashion.

Romance 2017: It is part of your nature that you trust people very easily. As a matter of fact, it is a personal trait that makes you so special among all others. It is this particular quality of trust worthiness as well as the magnetic charm of simplicity that you possess will bring in people much closer to you.

The coming year is going to be a stable one in terms of your love relationship. However you have to make sure one thing and that is you should stay away form making arguments and debates. Do not let the evil seed of suspicion take a mammoth shape between you and your love interest. If you feel that there are perhaps chances of such issues to evolve between you two then you have to immediately do something to resolve the issue.

Finance 2017: In the coming you will b specifically required to concentrate on creative projects because there are high growth prospects associated with these projects. At the same time you can also concentrate on some other projects which are full of potential and can rope in a lucrative amount of profit for you. Your planetary positions are going to be quite perfect in the next year. That is the reason why you are expected to make enviable profits in the coming year. However if you choose to be patient it will serve to offer you rich dividends in future. Therefore be patient as well as observant of the things around you. This power of observations will get you more details of the market and you will make some winning deals.

Lucky color: Lemon, Yellow & Orange.

Lucky number:  5, 14, 23, 32, 41 and 50.


Sign: The Bull (Taurus)

General Forecast 2017: Year 2017 is definitely going to rope in smile onto your face. In terms of advancement in your career or stability in love live as well as conjugal life or in terms of making some significant financial gains the coming year will have some pleasant gift of memorable moments for you. However when it comes to your relationships with your friends you will be required o be a bit careful. You might get into a serious tiff with your friends. Therefore try to avoid any sort of heated debates with your friends that might end up in a chaotic situation. After all it is your friends only who are always there right beside you when you need them most.

Career 2017: Your hard efforts are going to be appreciated in plenty in the coming year. The upcoming year is in every way going to be a truly eventful year for you. You can expect a superb growth trajectory in your particular field. Both in terms of recognitions as well as position you are going to be at the center of attention in your domain or in your organization. However in order to see that it happens exactly the same way as you have long wished you have to be consistent. Make it a point to stick to your long term goals as you have continued to do so far. Most importantly keep your tenacity for hard work alive. There might come some situations where you will be required to act pro active.

Romance 2017: When it comes to your love live as well as your conjugal relationships you may expect that 2017 is going to get you ion any sort of phase replete with emotional turmoil. The year is going to be peaceful. In case you are single there are chances that you might get on touch with someone who is close to the vision that you have in your heart regarding a dream partner for life. The upcoming year is replete with high chances of a sudden wedding as well as new romantic relationships.

Finance 2017: 2017 can prove to be a great year that ascertains a good deal of monetary gains for you. However in order to make sure that you take the full advantage of the situation you have to see that you are avoiding the tendency of making haste. You will be required o take your decisions in a calm state of mind. What seems to be more important is the fact that you will be required to make the fiscal decisions with the application of your acumen level. Do not maker decision from your heart. Choose to be a bit diplomatic at some situations.

Lucky color: Green and Blue.

Lucky number:  6, 15, 24, 33, 42 & 51.

 Sign: The Ram (Aries)

General Forecast for Aries: In the year 2017 you will feel the existence of a highly powerful source of positive energy in your being. Everything will seem to be happening in a positive manner and ultimately yielding rich benefits for you.

Optimistic as well as constructive thoughts have always been a forte with you. It is these two qualities which will make you an idol in the eyes of all in the coming year. Because of your power of your understanding capacity as well as your quick decision taking habit you might come up with steady solution to a problem that has lingered for a long span of rime.

Positive energy is the keyword for Aries in 2017. You will preach optimistic and constructive thoughts. Your understanding, which is sharper than common, will be high. Some domestic fights are on the cards. Nevertheless, your anger will always be in your control and will never lose your temper. Practicing detachment is advised to attain spiritual liberating self.

Career 2017 for Aries: As it regards your career as well as profession, this is a year which is replete with enormous prospects. In the medial segment of the year you might expect a significant career change. A good pay hike as well as promotion in job might be on the cards. You can in fact prove to be a pioneering figure or an asset for the organization you are working for. There are possibilities of your hard work and dedication to get noticed which will in the long run be of immense help to you in terms of achieving an enviable status in the organization.

Romance 2017 for Aries: Your love life is going to be quite interesting in the coming year. The emotional bonding between you and your partner is going to be much stronger based on certain events. You might get in touch with a charismatic personality at your work place or at any shopping complex as well as at any fitness centres. Within a couple of interactions you might get involved in a life long bonding. If you are already in a steady relationship then it is high time that you both spend some quality time in the relationship. By spending more time together you will be able to understand the needs related to your relationship. Make it a point to keep your love interest contented and let the love quotient grow exponentially.

Finance 2017 for Aries: From the financial point of view the year 2017 is the going to be the best year in your life. There are high possibilities of some potential gains on your part. All you will be required to do is stick to your long term goals and be determined to achieve what you wish to achieve.

Lucky color for Aries: Red & Scarlet.

Lucky number for Aries:  9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63 and 72.

 Symbol: Fish(Pisces)

General Forecast 2017: The coming year is going to be a year of potential growth for you. People who are born with the zodiac sign of Pisces have always left their mark of creativity on world. The coming year you are going to have a rare and optimistic chance to prove your mettle to the whole world. People from every corner will notice your talent. You might be crowned with laurels from every corner. However you have to make it a point that you are not letting yourself be swayed by the compliments. You have top stick firm to your ground and you never ever can make the mistake of being over confident. You might experience some unexpected gains. You will feel good if you make it a pint to maintain a positive outlook towards life. You will remain healthy all throughout the year and what’s more important you will enjoy your work.

Career 2017: It is a promising year when it comes to the context of your professional life or career. In the medial part of the year specifically in the month of July there are chances that you might get a new job opportunity. However it is also a fact that there might turn up some situations that you will be required to handle with a great deal of confidence as well as panache. You might go through initial ups and downs. However in the long run you are going to emerge as a winner.

Romance 2017: In the coming year you have to make it a point that you are actually giving quality time to the love interest of your life. You may be immensely busy but do not make the mistake of neglecting the person in your life. The emotional support that you will be gaining from the man or the woman of your life will prove to be of immense support to you the coming year.

Finance 2017: This year would be great in terms of a stabilized financial condition for you. However you have to make it sure that you are keeping at bay from unwise expenses. If you are into business then you will be required to watch the steps taken by your competitors or rivals. It will in the long run pay in shape of safeguarding your interest. The habit of saving money will yield rich dividends.

Lucky Number:  3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 34, 43, 52 etc.

Lucky Color: Violet, Sea green, Purple.


 Sign: Water Bearer (Aquarius)

General Forecast for Aquarius: The upcoming year is going to be a completely carefree one for you. You might be able to achieve success in whatever you do. However it is also important on your part that you do not let confusions and inhibitions come in your way. You need to be focused on our ultimate goal. If you can manage to stay focused and strongly determined then doors of prosperity and opportunities will be opened up from unexpected corners.

It is a fact that by taking care of the fear levels as well as the unnecessary hesitations of your mind you will be in control of your life. You will achieve success in a much confident manner. You already have a great deal of potential in you. All you need in this year is to have enough confidence in your abilities. Once you are able to do that then sky is the limit for your success.

Career 2017 for Aquarius: Your success at your workplace will definitely hit the high notes in the coming year. You will have support from your colleagues as well as superiors. You are expected to be quite happy with the roles as well as responsibilities which are going to be entrusted with you. The kind of projects or assignments you are going to handle this coming year will be a good help to the advancement op your career. What’s more you will stay far away from the harmful office politics. It will in fact result in a better productivity from your end.

Romance 2017 for Aquarius: Your love life seems to be perfect in the year 2017. You are not supposed to be getting entangled in an emotional tiff with your love interest. On the other hand, had there been any sort of misunderstanding between you row that will resolve in the coming year. So from amorous aspects you are completely in a win win situation. What’s more you might also hear the wedding bells ringing for you.

Finance 2017 for Aquarius: There are high chances of huge financial gains on your part in the coming year. The financial profit might come you way in any shape. You might be able to win a lottery perhaps. You might earn a huge as well as lucrative amount of incentives or interests on your investments. At the same time you can achieve a very good hike in your existing pay scale also.

Lucky color: Blue, Blue-green, Grey & Black

Lucky number: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22 & 26.


 Sign: Sea Goat(Capricorn)

General Forecast for Capricorn: With the help of your mature personality as well as your great intelligence level you will be able to achieve some valuable goals in the coming year. Your tenacity for inquisitiveness will prove to be helpful for you.

On the basis of your practicality, your stable mind as well as patience you will receive some great opportunities in the coming year which will present you as a triumphant soul. Your straight forwardness as well as confidence has always been the greatest forte in your personality.

In 2017 let these two significant assets of your character take a crucial role in shaping up a constructive and secured future for you. As regards your family life or social life it is going to be quite exciting.

Career 2017: The coming year will entitle you with enough opportunities of progress if you are in the field of administration. Your managerial skills will get you recognitions from various corners. In this year keep your short term goals aligned with your long term goals.

It will be beneficent on your part. However it is also important that you execute the plans in proper fashion. At the same time there is on important aspect that you have to keep in mind. No matter whatever is the situation you should not lose control on your temper. Always get your anger level checked at least as long as you are at your work place.

Romance 2017: May be the previous year has not been so good for you in terms of love relationships. However in the coming year your grief is going to be overcome by an ecstatic level of elation. This year you might come across the dream life partner for whom you have been waiting all your life.

Finance 2017: In terms of finance this year is going to be a positive one for you. In the initial phases things might seem a bit slower or not so vibrant. However as time progresses you will find more and more opportunities coming your way.

If you are considering the prospects of a particular business venture then it is high time that you should jump into it. However before you do so make it a point to discuss with someone who has got immense experience in that domain.

Lucky color: Brown, Steel, Grey & Black.

Lucky number:  1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 22 & 26.



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