Project Management

What are the Roles of Project Manager?

  • PM Should have Best Practices compared to others
  • Should keep update training list.
  • Attend the conference
  • Should Maintain PM software
  • Create & Maintain PM templates
  • Should update Lessons Learnt periodically.
  • Maintain Project Notebooks
  • Take inputs from others
  • Deal with Risks & Issues
  • Update status of project to management
  • Handle Delay & Concerns of Projects
  • Track tasks & Deliverables
  • Top 5 Management Skills of PM
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Planning
  • Organizational

How to Deliver Bad News to Team?

• Make List to whom to issue Bad News
• Note down Facts and Impacts
• Plan some Solutions for the questions
• Provide alternate recommendations to team
• Deliver the news to team
• Note: Do not Delegate the Task to other person. Do it personally.

How to Run Interviews?

  • Prepare for Interview questions
  • Check Background of Employee
  • Decide whether to Interview will be F2F or Via Phone
  • Decide if Interview panel required any technical or management persons.
  • Then Schedule the interview and start it

How to Manage Team Conflicts?

  • Educate yourself about the cause of Team conflicts
  • Create your Plan
  • Educate the Team

How to keep team focused in team meetings?

  • Call only relevant people who are required to meeting.
  • Start with right agenda
  • Stick to your process
  • Redirect discussions to respective authorized persons.
  • Be on time to meetings
  • Address different thinking persons.

How to Plan a Day when managing project?

  • Break Large Task into daily task
  • Schedule on Calendar
  • Start everyday at least for 15 minutes in planning
  • Measure Progress of previous day

How to communicate for project?

Communication will be in below formats within project. So follow the same.

  1. Give & Get
  2. Who & What
  3. How & When

How to manage team performance?

  • Set targets to team
  • Conduct Reviews of each task
  • Provide Feedback for each task wherever required
  • Track Performance of each team member.
  • Celebrate Success of team together.
  • Reward Team Behavior for Good performance
  • Release / Bench mark the Team Poor Performance.

How to create a Common Plan?

Plan should be created on several factors like below:

  • Based on item
  • Based on Person
  • Based on Team


How to improve communication

  • Inform the team
  • Update the Plan


What are the Top Reasons for Project Failure?

  • Unaligned Expectations
  • Implemented Before Project is approved
  • Inexperienced resources
  • Inadequate system
  • Inaccessible systems
  • Team Conflicts
  • Switching Priorities
  • Uncontrolled Scope
  • Misaligned Resources


Why Micromanagement is considered as BAD?

  • Destroys Self Esteem
  • Generate Poor Morale
  • Builds Mistrust
  • Causes Shutdown
  • Solicit Supporters
  • Destroys Credibility
  • Things Don’t get done


What are things to consider when you become PM for first time?

  • Get Organized
  • Get Implicit Support
  • Identify the Go to People
  • Know all stakeholders, Customers & Teammates
  • Set Expectations within Team
  • Get Involved in every tasks
  • Implement the required System


How to Manage Customers?

  • Find about your manager details (Personal, Official Experience …etc)
  • How Customer think and what are expectation from them
  • Let them know what support you need
  • Know about manager weakness or what make them tickle
  • Then Compare the bridge gap between them
  • Set Expectations with them


How to attend Meeting for Project Management?

  • PM should have Attitude
  • Should attend with Samples
  • Should be dressed in good manner
  • Participation is important
  • Should be Genuine to all scenarios


What to do when Project initiation Level?

  • Review Project Statement of Work
  • Secure budget – 25% of Budget amount mentioned in statement of work.
  • Secure Influential of Project i.e. Sponsor Statement
  • Setup a committee of all Stakeholders
  • Hold Kick of Meeting


Meeting Quality Targets on Projects

  • Define Quality
  • Set Targets
  • Communicate Targets
  • Measure Targets
  • Take Action


Giving Feedback to Team

  • Avoid attacking method
  • Start with Positive news
  • Ask few questions
  • Be specific to point
  • Provide Suggestions to team for next step
  • End with positive point


Top Deliverables in Project Management

  • Initiating

I/P = Business Opportunity

O/P = Project Charter

  • Planning

I/P = Lesson Learnt

O/P = Risk Management, Issue Management, Change Request Management, Procurement Management, Cost Management, Schedule Management

  • Execute & Control

I/P = Project Plan

O/P = Performance Reports, Risk Register, Progress Status, Deliverables

  • Closing

O/P = Product Acceptance, Final Reports, Project Documents, Lesson Learnt    Document Updation


What is Risk Register & How to use the same?

It is an Excel sheet with below information

  • Risk Description
  • Category
  • Cause
  • Probability
  • Impact
  • Proposed Response
  • Current Owner
  • Status of Risk


How to monitor and Control Projects

  • Set Project Meetings
  • Individual Catchup of stakeholder (F2F)
  • Maintain Risk Register
  • Weekly Status Reports


How to Write Project Proposal?

  • Should Contain the Problem Statement
  • Should have an Product Vision
  • Should mention benefits from project
  • Should mention about customer deliverables after project completion
  • Should mention the completion criteria
  • Mention about Deadline / Plan / Approach
  • Cost & Budget required to complete the Project
  • What does Multitasking for PM means
  • Identify the what task to be done and when to done at initial level
  • Enroll team members for those tasks
  • Set schedule & milestone for each task
  • Follow up again with each team member for update
  • Support them if they need any help


How to manage Remote Team?

  • Build a Team present across the countries
  • Set Interpersonal relationship among them
  • Maintain Daily Standup using Phone Conference / Web Share / F2F / Mail
  • Follow-up using meeting updates


How to manage difficult People

  • Check frequently if people are in wrong roles
  • No Training or Support are provided
  • Do not give work, which they hate to do
  • Do not set unrealistic Deadline
  • Check Flexibility of People


How to work smarted than Harder

  • Know the Ability
  • Know the Boundary
  • Know the Calendar
  • Know the Mentors
  • Know the Process
  • Know to ask Question.


How to run Team meetings?

  • Write down the purpose of team meeting on board
  • Invite relevant stakeholder for meeting
  • Tell them agenda for meeting.
  • Allocate AI of tasks
  • Discuss with them for further updates offline


How to deal with time wasters people

  • Maintain Discipline
  • Set the Priorities for task
  • Maintain Time management Tools


How to reduce time in project

  • Minimize Meeting as much as possible
  • Minimize administration
  • Implement tools for communication / status update
  • Setup questionnaire with team to reduce time


Why Project management to be chosen as career


  • Lead
  • Influence
  • Drive
  • Exchange
  • Impact
  • Success Keys
  • Love Learning
  • Trust Yourself
  • Respect Others
  • Progress
  • How to manage Risks
  • Chop the Risks into small
  • Work on each module


Three ways to set Priorities

Advice to PM:

  • Do not overcommit to all tasks
  • Do not set everything as priority
  • Do not priority based on role / designation.

Three Ways to set priorities

  • Organize each tasks
  • Prioritize each task
  • Train others about priority


How to Deliver Powerpoint Presentations across team.

Before Presentation

  • Set Expectations according to below parameters
    • Based on Topic
    • Audience
    • Location
    • Venue
    • Time Allocated for presentation
    • Takeaways from presentation
  • Make Research on topics by interviewing others
  • Collect Professional Materials


During Presentation:

  • Make sure setup required in present & Tested earlier.
  • Start with introduction to yourself
  • Deliver the presentation with good tone, involving to questionnaire in between.


After Presentation:

  • Send thanks to team
  • Address question from team.


How to make Project Plan

  • Create Project plan document
  • Breakdown each deliverables
  • Write down Deliverable Dependencies, Critical Path of each task
  • Create timeline for each task
  • Assign resource for each task.


How to manage priority

Ask yourself below three simple questions & then set priorities for each task

  • What?
  • Who?
  • How?


How to manage daily tasks

  • Review Project Schedule
  • Communicate with team to get update before office time. Avoid Email communication
  • Review timesheets of each team member
  • Inspect Teammates time to time
  • If tasks are not completed then schedule 1:1


How to get stakeholder on your side.

Stakeholders are owner of each project. When Project are risk state then PM should get help from stakeholders. So understand & address the requirement of each stakeholder at initial level of project.


How to do Performance review meetings

  • Define the expectations of team member
  • Prepare the allocation of tasks
  • Conduct 1:1 with each member
  • Write up the expectation along with team member
  • Communicate to team member & review the same again

Interview Tips to PM

  • Technical knowledge present in resume should be verified.
  • Behavior analysis should be checked using social websites like Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Contact Reference provided by member

Flow of Interview should be in below manner:

  • Introduction
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Work Knowledge


How to Audit Project

  • Check team is doing the right thing
  • Check team is doing thing tight
  • Asks for 4-6 Status Reports
  • Ask Issues List
  • Ask Risk Register
  • Ask for CR supported


How to attend the Job Interview:

  • Attend with positive attitude / Energy
  • Present Samples about your task
  • Dress up in Good manner
  • Participate in interview by asking and learning about project.
  • Be Genuine to all Questions


What are resources required for Planning

  • Collect Company Readymade Templates
  • Get Resource Matrix
  • Get Organizational charts
  • Know PM Software


How to manage your tasks

  • Establish a system to communicate
  • Perform Project Plan
  • Estimate each task
  • Escalate timely manner whenever required
  • Request support if required
  • Identify resources for each task.


How to maintain risk Register?

  • Get the List
  • Assign risk
  • Know Impact and Mitigation
  • Address the Impact
  • How to prevent Project management failure?
  • Understand Right Approach
  • Get the Best Team
  • Setup Risk register
  • Get All Team under same page / understanding before starting work.


How to kickoff project

  • Get all stakeholder into same page
  • Make 1:1 with Stakeholders
  • Sort out administration issues
  • Kick off the event


Responsibilities of Project Manager

  • Lead & Guide Team
  • Monitor Team & Progress of Each member
  • Manage requests
  • Make Reports
  • Mentor New Team member
  • Manage all Details of Project
  • Solve any problem positively
  • Ensure all values are heard
  • Recognize all type of works
  • Be calm under pressure
  • Learn Conflict management
  • Learn Process Management


Allocation of work under team

  • Divide the tasks as per day wise
  • Assign each task to team member & get update on it
  • Spend 10-15 minutes daily on this


How to you validate the Team

Should be based on client satisfaction only


How to you organize team to meet goals

  • Project Status Review
  • Monitor Status
  • Prioritize Tasks
  • Share pressure


Team Appraisal

  • Get clarification of work
  • Provide feedback
  • Develop training plan
  • Set Goals for future
  • Provide recognition and awards


How to build team

  • Remove individual competition
  • Delegate tasks with proper info
  • Define supervision across project
  • Deal with conflicts
  • Encourage team open communication


How to maintain new project

  • Compose Team
  • Define mission
  • Establish Expectations
  • Create Plan
  • Train and Develop team
  • Provide feedback
  • Monitor team
  • Manage team boundaries
  • Challenge team
  • Allocate tasks
  • Solve team issues
  • Provide resource whenever required
  • Encourage self-management


Planning checklist for PM

  • Year Plan
  • Holidays List
  • Family Occasions List
  • Unplanned Leaves for next month
  • Plan for current week


Handling Manager

  • Understand the pressure of Manager
  • Receive Appraisal frequently
  • Negotiate Resource & Support Needed
  • Obtain support for internal & external obstacles


Control Performance of Task

  • Set Performance Standard
  • Measure it
  • Compare with Actual Result
  • Take necessity action
  • Using the existing information set future performance


  • Autocratic Leadership : Don’t contact employees
  • Democratic Leadership : Employee Leadership


How to do RCA of Project

  • Gather Total Builds, which includes Engineering & Formal
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Analysis

               Company Defects/Total Defects * 100

  • Write down Corrective measures for missed defects
  • Attach the updated Issue List


What is Breakdown Structure

Organizes and Defines Total scope of Project




  • How to get Testing working on your project :











 Giving Feedback to Employee straight forward

  • From whom you got Feedback
  • What Employee has done that?
  • What makes Employee to make that?
  • Provide your comments
  • Hear Reflection from Employee
  • If he accept it then, Nothing Can done further.
  • If he does not accept it, then take it to Next Level


Project Kick Off Check List

  • Contract Signed Document
  • Customer Requirements & Priorities


Top 10 Terms of Project Managers Use:

  • WBS – Deliverables
  • Milestones – Events
  • Baselines – Approved Plan For project
  • Triple Constraints – Time, Quality, Cost, Scope
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Gantt chart – Schedule Graphic Display
  • CCB – Group of Stakeholder
  • Stakeholder – Person of Organization
  • Change Management – PM to Plan Control
  • Risk Mitigation


Project Management Life Cycle

  • Initiating -> Project Charter
  • Planning -> Project Plan
  • Execution -> Performance Reports
  • Monitor & controlling -> issue Logs, Risk Register, Change Request, Deliverables
  • Closing -> User Acceptance, Final Reports, Documents, Lesson Learnt


How to Manage Time for Projects

  • Unnecessary Documents – Throw it out
  • Avoid Energy suckers people
  • Establish Time management tool
  • Block Working time on calendars
  • Block Non-Working Time also i.e. Lunch, Exercises etc.
  • Plan or Block your vacations
  • Sync your devices always
  • Start saying ‘NO
  • Drop working Extra on Fridays
  • Follow the Planned Routine everytime


Top ten templates for PM Use

  • Business Case
  • Project Plan
  • Issue Register
  • Risk Register
  • Change control Form
  • Change Register
  • Project Status Report
  • Project closure Report
  • Phase Review Form


Why we should manage project online always?

  • We can Track update with Real-time data
  • We can generate Customizable Reports / Dashboard
  • We can maintain versions for all
  • Collaborate data will be present
  • We can recalculate if required
  • We can Share Documents easily to anyone


How to do project planning & Execution

  • Allocate time every day to plan & Execute
  • Prevent Distraction
  • Solicit Help if stuck anytime
  • Delegate work if you cannot
  • Hire Accountability Partner


How to deal with unhappy persons

  • Listen to their problem
  • Acknowledge them
  • Ask them what they need
  • Embrace how you might be like them
  • Educate yourself if anything required


Why we should not use Word / Excel in Project Management

  • Functionality keeps on change
  • Accessibility Issues
  • Version control cannot be done in Good manner
  • Upgrade & Synchronization cannot be done


Project Management for Beginners

  • Know Project Definition
  • Understand Project Lifecycle & Deliverables
  • Be Simple
  • Seek Help when required
  • Ask Questions Frequently
  • Maintain List of Mentors
  • Identify Go – To People List
  • Respect the team always
  • Listen to stakeholders
  • Use Existing Templates
  • Respect Input from all Stakeholders
  • Prepare yourself
  • Plan the Project Plan at earlier stage.


How to Prioritize the work for team

  • Provide the big picture view to team
  • Explain Dependency of other team with us
  • Tackle the work based on easy & hard way
  • Organize the work


How not to manage Project

  • No proper planning of project
  • No Approval on task.
  • Agree to every scope.
  • Ignore input from stakeholders
  • Bad Estimation
  • Mistrust the Team
  • Over protecting team
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Never supporting team
  • Missed milestones while project plan
  • Maintain Poor Quality of project
  • Omit testing

How to get things done in project management

  • Make sure you have input for execution plan
  • Execute the plan
  • Communicate timely & appropriate manner to team
  • Meet Regularly with team
  • Get Accurate Status Report
  • Obtain Project Approval from CCB
  • Address Issues, Risks
  • Accept change if required
  • Manage Triple Constraints


How to Manage high Risk Projects

  • Define High Risk
  • Define Strategy for each Risks

How do you organize Project or Task

  • Based on most important & Time sensitive Task

Anytime Deadline are not met, why?


Ex: Resource are on Leave.

How to develop Team

  • Training
  • Schedule soft-skill workshops
  • Elect mentor & Coaching

Anytime unqualified work is done.


Ex: Team Lead work has some failures at first level & But promoted him.

What you will do when unsure about GOAL

Ask my manager for feedback

What is you difficult decision so far

Ex: Lay off any person

What you do when most criticism on you

If not on same area, then I should take input and improve on it

Who is the most important member in team?

All Team Members.

When you will change decisions?

Ex: Changing the Report when my manager disagreed with format or Data Collection.

How do you motivate the team

  • Discuss the benefits
  • Provide positive feedback to help them
  • Whatever you discuss with them , Do it

How do you want set as Role Model as PM

Whatever I had said to team, I do it.

What is the most difficult part of leadership

Sometime Team Leader should have to be alone

How do you adopt change

Firstly, PM is the person to see the change, and then you tell the team

When do you call success of Leader

When Team succeeded

When Leader Fails

  • When Team won’t support to you
  • When Time constraints doesn’t support your project
  • When Economy doesn’t match

Difference between Manager / Leader

  • Manager – Assign the work
  • Lead – Motivate to Team

How to accept your ideas?

  • Explain the benefits from idea
  • Discuss and Reform ideas so everybody accept it.

How do you manage Conflicts across teammates

Win – WIN Situation

What is your great strength

Ans: Honesty

What is your weakness

Ans: Sometimes Overcommit. Later I learnt time management.

Why do you want to change company?

Ans: I learnt lot in 10+ years in same company. So trying to learn or take new challenges

What change do you required in you?

Ans: Don’t expect too much from other

Are you team player?

Ans:  Worked as team member and Leader in previous project. Therefore, I know how to be Team Player

Do you had conflict with your Boss?

Ans: Yes. Disagreement only. Then Follow with superior always

Who is the Successful manager?

Ans: Who inspires others to reach Highest Abilities

What makes less Productive?

Ans: When Environment and People are not 100% committed.

Want to live your life again?

Ans: No


What are the characteristics of PM

  • Reading – Can Read & Interpret workplace documents
  • Writing – Communicate to Audience with proper mails
  • Oral Communication – Talk Comfortable with others
  • Feedback to team member
  • Plan and Lead Team Meetings
  • Thinking Skills & Solving Problems
  • Decision Making
  • Finding Information
  • Plan & Organize
  • Continuous Learner
  • Adopt new Technology