How to Travel in Namma Metro Within Bangalore


Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), a joint venture of Government of India and Government of Karnataka is a Special Purpose Vehicle entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of Bangalore Metro Rail Project.

Namma Metro, also known as Bangalore Metro, is a metro system serving the city of Bangalore. It is currently the second longest operational metro network in India.

Namma Metro is a major environment friendly addition to the Bangalore City as it significantly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Metro Route

Line Terminals Length New Stations Expected Work Completion date
Purple Line Mysore Road – Kengeri 8.81 km 6 Dec-18
Purple Line Baiyyappanahalli – Whitefield 15.50 km 13 Dec-20
Green Line Yelachenahalli – Anjanapura 6.29 km 5 Dec-18
Green Line Hesaraghatta Cross – BIEC 3.77 km 3 Dec-20
Line 3 R V Road – Bommasandra 18.82 km 16 Dec-20
Line 4 Gottigere – Nagawara 21.25 km 18 Dec-20
ORR Metro Silk Board – K.R. Puram 17 km 13 2020





List of Namma Metro Stations:

No. Station Line Layout
1 Attiguppe      Purple Line Elevated
2 Baiyappanahalli      Purple Line At Grade
3 Banashankari      Green Line Elevated
4 Central College      Purple Line Underground
5 Chickpete      Green Line Underground
6 City Market      Green Line Underground
7 City Railway Station      Purple Line Underground
8 Cubbon Park      Purple Line Underground
9 Dasarahalli      Green Line Elevated
10 Deepanjali Nagar      Purple Line Elevated
11 Halasuru      Purple Line Elevated
12 Hosahalli      Purple Line Elevated
13 Indiranagar      Purple Line Elevated
14 Jalahalli      Green Line Elevated
15 Jayanagar      Green Line Elevated
16 Jayaprakash Nagar      Green Line Elevated
17 Krishna Rajendra Market      Green Line Underground
18 Kuvempu Road      Green Line Elevated
19 Lalbagh      Green Line Elevated
20 Magadi Road      Purple Line Elevated
21 Mahalakshmi      Green Line Elevated
22 Majestic*      Green & Purple Line Underground Level 1 and Level 2
23 M.G. Road      Purple Line Elevated
24 Mysore Road      Purple Line Elevated
25 Nagasandra      Green Line Elevated
26 National College      Green Line Elevated
27 Peenya      Green Line Elevated
28 Peenya Industry      Green Line Elevated
29 Putennahalli      Green Line Elevated
30 Rajajinagar      Green Line Elevated
31 Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Road      Green Line Elevated
32 Sampige Road      Green Line Elevated
33 Sandal Soap Factory      Green Line Elevated
34 Sir M. Visveshwarya      Purple Line Underground
35 Swami Vivekananda Road      Purple Line Elevated
36 South End Circle      Green Line Elevated
37 Srirampura      Green Line Elevated
38 Trinity      Purple Line Elevated
39 Vidhana Soudha      Purple Line Underground
40 Vijayanagar      Purple Line Elevated
41 Yeshwantpur      Green Line Elevated
42 Goreguntepalya      Green Line Elevated



When you are in Metro Station follow the below things :

At Do’s Don’t’s
AFC Gate Let elderly and children pass through first.. Try to enter/exit the gates forcibly in a group.
Keep your belongings and clothes close while passing through gate. Stop and reverse after passing through the gate.
Take care of your children while passing through gate. Children less than 3 ft. height to be kept ahead and close to you. Pause while passing through the gate.
Smart card holders to ensure proper entry and exit at the exit gates Try to jump over the AFC gates to make entry/exit.
Platform Stand in queue while when waiting for the train. Try to pick up the belongings that drop on track on your own.
Stand back from yellow line near the edge of platform. Lean on platform edges.
Let passengers exit from the train first. Come near the moving train out of curiosity.
Watch your feet as you step over the gap between the train and platform edge. Venture out beyond platform areas.
Wait for the next train if the doors have started to close. Try to pick up the belongings that drop on track on your own.
Stand back from yellow line near the edge of platform. Attempt to board the train when doors are closing.
Contact Namma Metro staff if any belonging falls on track. Block the train doors when they are closing.
Any unattended belonging should be reported to station staff/ Namma Metro security.  
Inside Train Stand away from train doors Lean against the train doors
Please offer your seat to children, pregnant and elderly passengers Put your hand on the train doors or door edges
Always hold the handrail or strap hanger while standing Please do not occupy seats specifically designated for disabled
Always use the safety belt for wheelchair passengers Pull or press any button on the train except in emergency
Always sit or stand near your belongings Scratch or mutilate any signage on the train
Escalators Always hold the handrail Run on the escalators
Face towards the moving direction Sit or play on the escalators
Take extra care of children, the elderly and disabled Lean on the edge of escalators
If the escalator stops please use the staircase Let children use the escalator alone
Always hold the handrail Stand or wait on the landing area of escalators
If escalator is not working please inform the Customer Care Take prams or baggage on the escalators



Ticket Sale Counters:

Tickets can be purchased from Counters in form of below:

  • Tokens
  • Travel Cards
  • Group Tickets



Fare Rules:

  • Tickets are not required for children below 3 feet. No age criteria is considered.
  • The Automatic Gates admit one person at a time. Hence every passenger needs to carry one token or smart card.
  • Minimum Fare will be charged for entering into a station.
  • Penalty for ticket less travel or lost ticket is Rs50 apart from maximum token fare.
  • Mismatch: The Automatic Gates record entry/ exit details in token / Smart card. Every entry at these gates must be followed   by proper exit through the gates on same day. Skipping of any entry or exit is termed as MISMATCH. The penalty for   mismatch is Rs10.
  • Overstay Rule: A passenger holding a valid ticket can exit from same station within 20 minutes and from other stations   within 120 minutes. For overstaying in paid area of Namma Metro beyond  these limits, penalty of Rs10 per hour is charged   subject to a maximum of Rs50.


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