How to Apply for Voter ID in Bangalore

Voter ID – Registration Online:

  1. Navigate to Link Voter ID Website & Register.

login-page2.  Login to website after registering it for  free.


Click to Know Procedure to Include Your Name in Voter List

Click to Know Procedure to Delete Your Name in Voter List

Click to Know Procedure to Modify Your Details in Voter List

Click to Know Procedure to Transfer your Voter ID

Walk in to K.E.Office & Submit Necessary Documents:

In the offline system, one can visit the Karnataka state Election office in his area and ask for the form no.6. The printed form number 6 is provided which one needs to fill the details in. After all the necessary checking of the details, one can visit the office personally and submit the form with all the necessary documents.

In the semi-online system, one needs to visit the website and download the form 6.  Then he can fill in the complete details and submit the form to the election commission of india by sending it through the post. Hence, there are various options to apply for the voter ID card.

However, once the application is received by the election commission, the concerned officer checks the details and then issue a personal verification. An officer from the election office visit the home address of the applicant and check the details.

If he is satisfied, he issues the order for issuance of the Voter ID to the applicant. Hence, the process for getting the voter ID is very simple.

However, it is notable that this process is for the new and fresh voter ID only and it does not apply to re-issuance of the Voter ID card due to ID stolen or damaged. After submit the application you can kindly check the status or tracking the applications in online


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