How to Apply for Aadhar Card in Bangalore

Courtesy: UIDAI

The Aadhaar enrolment process includes:

  • Visiting Enrolment Centre
  • Filling the enrolment form
  • Getting demographic and biometric data captured
  • Submitting proof of Identity and address documents,
  • Collecting acknowledgement slip containing Enrolment ID.

Document Required:

Click to Know Aadhar_valid_documents_list

How To Get Enrolment Centre Nearest My Address:


  • Select the Area to the Information as above.

Process at Enrolment Centre:


  • Any correction in the enrolment data can be done within 96 hours of enrolment by visiting the enrolment centre with the acknowledgement slip.
  • You need to enrol only once, as multiple enrolments will result in rejections unless it is advised by UIDAI.
  • The waiting time for Aadhaar may vary from 60-90 days after receipt of resident data packets in CIDR.

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