Restaurants in Bangalore

Food Restaurants in Bangalore

Yana sizzlers

Yana Sizzlers was founded in 2002 with the launch of its first Restaurant in FC Road Pune with the aim to provide a hot tasty meal till the last bite at reasonable prices. Yana Sizzlers was started by Mr Asif Furniturewala and Mr Sunil Jatia from Mumbai.
After great success with the first restaurant, the second one was started at Mariplex, Kalyaninagar Pune and the third outlet at Pune Camp making it Pune’s favourite eating place.This new refreshing Yana wi’ll now be the format of the other new Yana restaurants to open in the near future. All the Restaurants are self-owned to ensure optimal service and food quality.

Janani Restaurants

Janani Restaurant was started in the year 2005 with the passion to develop a High class Restaurant in Hosur with the diversified varieties. The first branch was the Hosur Branch that is opposite to the Hosur Bus Stand. It received immense response from the people because of the Quality and Service.

This inspired us to start Janani Gardens in 2009 with the Hut-Style Restaurants that brought Island environment to the Hosur people. If Janani Restaurants was a hit, Janani Gardens was a super Hit. Janani Restaurants are known for the High class Food and Quality of Service. It provides the largest range of Food Receipes in Hosur with best cooks on-board. As the tagline goes “The taste says it all”, our food makes it everything. Come here with apetite and go back with your hearts and stomachs filled.


Hotel Empire

Empire went through the metamorphosis of its growth under a number of efficient managements till it has reached the present milestone. It has gone from strength to strength, thanks to the unrelenting patronage and support from the public of Bangalore famous for its penchant for mouthwatering and sumptuous food. The management is always keen to take care of the individual tastes and preferences of every one of its valuable patrons.
Hotel Empire took a remarkable turn in terms of service and business under the present management that took over in the early Eighties. The restaurant was constantly upgraded with new services and tastier delicacies. Air-conditioned dining halls were introduced and the premises expanded to meet the ever growing demand of the Empire fans. The building that housed the restaurant was rebuilt in the late Nineties and more than thirty very comfortable and reasonably priced rooms were added to make it a full-fledged hotel.

MTR Foods

A legendary name in South Indian comfort food, this super-popular eatery has had Bengaluru eating out of its hands since 1924

Vasudev Adiga’s

Adiga’s aim is to match the fast food setting with the quintessential South Indian cuisine and Adiga’s is all about fresh food being served fast. Over the past 14 years the food philosophy at Adiga’s has evolved into a personal style that celebrates the flavours of South India. The food we prepare embraces nature’s diversity and seeks to achieve a sense of balance and purity through production, technique, texture and composition. Today, Vasudev Adiga’s is a familiar and welcome sight to the people of Bangalore and aspires to become the biggest South Indian food chain in the future.

Vidhyarthi Bhavan

It all started as a small canteen keeping in mind to cater needs of the students of the nearby National High School and Acharya Patashala. Vidyarthi Bhavan has very little to change except for its minor upgradation in its interiors and a little extra comfort to ensure convenience to its everyday growing customers.Vidhyarthi Bhavan serve other regular South Indian vegetarian snacks from our limited menu, that are available during certain period of the day. These fulfills the cravings for ‘home made’ food of our customers, who vouch for our traditional ambience and flavor. We serve you the same authentic taste and flavor with the same quality that we have been serving for over seventy years.

Nandhana Palace

Purity of the White rice, Glimmering oil on the Pappu, Vegetable dipped in Sambhar and a mass of traditional curries laded with Spicy masalas, decorated over a Plantain Leaf with a topping of spicy Chilly, even the farthest food sensors would siren into the internationally admired and acclaimed genre of traditional food called ಅndhra Meals.

Bringing our age old traditions of homemade Andhra recipes into the insistent city lives, nandhana presents you with authentic Andhra Cuisines prepared with the age old practices of Southern India by the traditionally schooled Cooks of Andhra. Our Food variants spread across the Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian divide filling the nandhana menu card with a bounty of choices for varied tongues.

nandhana sets whole new standards of food preparation and processing in the best interest of the Hygiene parameters. Creating a new threshold with every milestone of its innumerable food fans nandhana is thankfully delighted for the love and respect shown by its food lovers.

From Andhra to our Beloved, Generous and ever Accommodating Kannada Nadu we have travelled miles maintaining and amplifying our values and taste meters with every passing supper. With increased love for nandhana’s kitchen cooked food we have branched into various legs of the ever expanding Bengaluru’s geographical boundaries.



Koshy’s Restaurant

Koshy’s of Bangalore is recognised as an “establishment of Bangalore”, a very popular restaurant and hangout on St Mark’s Road, Bangalore owned by the Koshy family in Bangalore originally from Mavelikkara, which is a meeting point for journalists, artists, theatre persons, students and foreigners. Founded in 1940, it retains an old-world charm with huge pillars and large fans. The main building has Parade Cafe, which is simply referred to as Koshy’s, the Jewel Box restaurant and a bakery.

McDonald India

McDonald’s predominantly sells hamburgers, various types of chicken, chicken sandwiches, French fries, soft drinks, breakfast items, and desserts. In most markets, McDonald’s also offers salads and vegetarian items, wraps and other localized fare.


KFC is a subsidiary of Yum Brands, is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain specializing in OriginalRecipe, Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Extra Crispy Strips and Extra Crispy Boneless, with home-style sides, Hot Wings, and freshly made chicken sandwiches.

Little Italy

Little Italy

Little Italy is inspired to bring to you an experience of vibrant and “true” Italian cuisine that transcends you to this exotic world of fine dining.LI has several Italian delicacies in more than 26 outlets across 17 major cities in India


Oh! Calcutta – Speciality Restaurants

Oh! Calcutta manages to lure in Bengalis, thanks to its famed “Bhapa Hilsa”, “Smoked Bhetki” and “Mutton Rezzala”, while the non-Bengalis finally get a taste of the legendary Bengali cuisine. Revisit the lost culinary delights served only in the old Calcutta clubs, savour traditional Bengali, Nawabi and the colonial cuisine, which left the Indian land with the British.


MainLand China – Speciality Restaurants

Contrasting flavours and spices are combined to bring out a sense of balance on the plate, a concept of Yin and Yang. You can feel the flavours, textures and the aroma intermingle and form the perfect blend of heavenly taste. Sauces, ingredients and spices are handpicked from provinces such as Guangdong, Hunan and fresh markets of Beijing, after which masterchefs scour for original recipes and new methods to add more to your meal

Ebony Restaurants

Ebony celebrates food that is unpretentious in nature, timeless in its appeal and needless to say prepared to ellipse all other senses.With an extensive cocktail menu and a vast number of seating options the restaurant is an ideal choice of an intimate diner, a family gathering or even a corporate celebration. Ample reserved parking for more than 70 cars for dinner means you never have that sticky decision to make.Dinners at Ebony are a la carte, but with a host of custom designed set-course menus to choose from, planning a memorable evening out within a budget was never so easy.


T.G.I. Fridays™ stands for great food and beverages, served by friendly people in a fun atmosphere where families, friends, couples and singles can discover the pleasure in dining out.TGIF are known for serving some of the best Texan- Mexican , American cuisine and the best vegetarian food in India.

Caesars Restaurants

CAESARS – the very name evokes visions of splendour, opulence & majesty.  It brings to mind the greatness of the Roman Empire & the excellence demanded by its rulers, it connotes tables overflowing with delicacies & viands from all over the world, it tells of people whose cultural standards have yet to be eclipsed.  Above all, it speaks of elegance unequalled.

Alibaba Cafe

The Navayath of Bhatkal represents a rich history of its natives – The Arab traders from The Persian Gulf namely from Yemen, Iran, Iraq etc., who were trading mainly in Horses Textiles, Timber, Gemstones and Spices, eventually settled on the Konkan Coast and contributed to the cuisine that is a combination of Indian and Arabic cultures.Food has an intricate relation with the Navayath people, and cuisine from Bhatkal is just that. Rich is cultural history with strands of cuisine from The Arab world which eventually have blended with the local dishes of the land.

The Egg Factory

Eggs feature in almost all cuisines from across the world. We set out to bring to you a range of dishes from cuisines across the world. The Egg Factory came into being because of our primarily non meat eating backgrounds, the special status Eggs held in our childhood as special treats which were considered ok in our non meat eating families and our belief that there are really no places in the neighbourhood with good food concepts in India. Not to say Beer did not have a role at all …it did eventually inspire the look of the place, the eggfactoryisms.



The Grasshopper restaurant is for those who prefer subtle tastes and a quiet ambience. Here food is celebrated and eating is an unhurried, multisensory experience.Situated on the porch of the building that houses the store and surrounded by greenery, the outdoor eating area is minimal and uncluttered in design and idea. The cuisine, much like the space, is beautiful and fresh. Himanshu, the chef, creates food that is delicate and refined while at the same time soulful and satisfying.

Olive – Monkey Bar

The designs of Olive is old world, colonial and humorous. It is our take on the Parsi-style Freddie Mercury meets Monty Python. The eccentricity and mirth evokes spontaneous laughter over the signature large blackboard touting the ‘Rules of the establishment’ like No Laughing Loudly. No Talking to Cashier. No feet on chair. No flirting. No Pata Hai Main Kaun Hoon.and is a constant feature in all the olive properties.

Kadambam – Iyengars

Kadambam Iyengars are famous for their delicious food preparations. Bangalore and Mysore are peppered with Iyengar bakeries. There are very special and specific preparations of Iyengars, which are very popular and bear the stamp of traditional Iyengar community. Iyengar cuisine is pure vegetarian, ensures balanced diet and has its unique taste. They do not have garlic and use very little onion and a very restricted use of oil. They avoid using coloring agents and artificial additives.

Herbs n Spices

A beautiful place where you can enjoy lunch and dinner, inside or outside, with friends and family.Also a perfect place to organise all kind of events with a great variety of food.

Rajvardhan Foods

Rajvardhan Foods has been the benchmark for Maharashtrian Delicacies in Bengaluru for the last 18 years. Established in 1998 with North Indian and Chinese Food to offer.

Rajvardhan Foods was the brainchild of Mr. Dhananjay Upasani and Mrs. Madhuri Upasani. Today we are synonymous with ‘Authentic Maharashtrian Food’ in Bengaluru.


Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets and Snacks is synonymous with commitment to quality and high degree of professionalism and use of state of the art technique in the manufacture of sweets, savouries and snacks. The Ninety five branches of the concern speaks volumes about hygine and service rendered by the organisation and the trust and reliability that the customers have reposed. Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets and Snacks caters to all sections of the public, in India – be it the melting mysorepauk of South or the multi variety sonepapdi of the North or the mouth watering rasagolla of East or the ever green dry fruits of the West – Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets and Snacks is the pioneer in the manufacture of such sweets in the rich tradition of the respective regions.

MK Dabbawala

MK Dabbawala had to understand everything from the working of a kitchen, the sourcing of ingredients, the food storage and the menu. The work that MKD put in, from fixing the menu to the daily running of the place has probably been my biggest strength. MKD have been serving a mixed cuisine from Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi. Our USP was home-made food, so freshness was a vital factor.


100ft Restaurant

100ft, Bengaluru’s first and finest Boutique Bar Restaurant located at the heart of the city is ingeniously med, not just by the taste but by the carefully created aura of the med basin. The restaurant bristles with authentic tastes from the Mediterranean land as the busy Bengaluru glides by outside.

The restaurant which is a venture by Shambhala Restaurant LLP has a more than a decade long story of impeccable service. While the open courtyard under the sky offers to you a delightful outdoor dining experience, the dining area inside and the open terrace lounge are the other attractions of the Mediterranean fine dine that pulls in foodies from all around Bengaluru to the restaurant.



Bangaliana started from the first generation Bengali entrepreneur coming into the foray, not with fine dining but simple essential meals, a home cuisine away from home to the Bengalis, Oriyas, Assamese, or for the that matter a wide cross section of East and North East Indians whoever indulges in the nostalgia of revering greeneries. So the “Fish n Sweets” came into existence in 2002 and finally culminated into what we see today as “Bangaliana”. This does not meet the culinary needs of the people alone it is a meeting a ground.

Dalma Hotels

The objective of Dalma Hotel chain of restaurants is to popularize Odishan cuisine, Odishan culture and Odisha’s tradition beyond Odisha’s boundaries. Let the world know there is a cuisine here in this east coast of India where food is less spicy, less oily, yet delicious. Be it veg or non vegetarian cooking, Odishan cuisine have a clear and distinct recipe, that stand out in the crowd.

Kanti Sweets

Kanti Sweets is one of the few stores in the city where speciality sweets, specific to popular festivals and their celebrations like Sankranti, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Dusshera and Diwali are available, which makes it a popular mithai-destination despite of no loud branding or glitzy packaging. Kanti Sweets has also done away with manual labour in many areas and mechanized a significant component of its processes. Over the years, customer profiles and their tastes have undergone a dramatic transformation. we have introduced low-sugar variants of traditional sweets like zero-sugar Burfi, Kaju Katli, Moti Choor Laddus, Jilebi and many more.


Krishna Chandra’s major contribution was the introduction of the canned Rossogolla and the creation of “Rossomalai” in the year 1930, which became perennial favorites. To market his innovations, Krishna Chandra opened a new confectionery shop at Jorasanko (in 1930) with his youngest enthusiastic son Sarada Charan Das. From there he popularized the canned Rossogolla, which was the first and only canned dessert manufactured in India at that time.This was the inception of the “K.C. Das” confectionery company, which was later enhanced and legally reestablished as K.C. Das Private Limited under the Companies’ Act of 1946 by Krishna Chandra’s son and successor Sarada Charan Das. Krishna Chandra died within four years of the opening of the company, leaving the affairs of the nascent company in the able hands of Sarada Charan. Today K.C. Das Private Limited is widely acknowledged for their original creations such as “Rossogolla” and “Rossomalai”.

U.S Pizza

With India Set to be one of the world largest consumer base of young adults,the pizza market is a highly coveted prize for firms across the world.So the race has an obvious front runner for US Pizza in india.



Veena Stores

It is famous fast food restuarant in Malleshwaram,Bangalore


  • Kesari Bhaat
  • Idli Vada
  • Bisi Bele Bhaath
  • Sweet Pongal
  • Crispy Vada
  • Filter Coffee
  • Khara Bhath


Halli Mane

It is famous for Vegetarian South Indian food served on banana leaf in Malleshwaram.


  • Thatte Idli
  • Rava Idli
  • Masala Dosa
  • Bisi Bele Bhaath
  • Filter Coffee
  • Raagi Roti
  • Bisibelle Bhath
  • Sound Indian Meals


Thindi Beedi / V.V.Puram Street Food

Thindi Beedi has many local food joints on road side where they makes all south Indian dishes.


  •     Akki Roti
  •     Ragi Roti
  •     Paddus
  •     Hollige
  •     Hot Jalebis / Gulab Jamun
  •     Bhajjis & Bondas
  •     Dosas
  •     Idli
  •     Vadas
  •     Lemon Rice
  •     Curd Rice
  •     Vermicelli Upma
  •     Chats
  •     Paranthas
  •     Icecreams


Olive Beach

Walk in through Olive’s iconic blue doors and be enchanted by a gorgeous new space and a refreshing new experience! As Olive, Bangalore’s trendsetting restaurant and bar is set to complete 10 years, the elegant old villa has transformed itself into a stunning venue with an incredible new alfresco lounge bar and a spacious yet intimate dining space.

The all-new look retains its heritage and charm yet presents a fabulous new offering that promises to surprise with each visit. With an incredible selection of new cocktails, a remarkable wine list, and an exhaustive menu of New Mediterranean cuisine designed by one of India’s best known Chefs, Manu Chandra, one has the perfect ingredients for a charming experience.

Come join us for a leisurely alfresco lunch in the sun-dappled courtyard sipping a crisp Rosé, or a romantic dinner for two under the stars. Opt for a private dinner at ‘The Table for Eight’ with its intimate Tuscan Kitchen, offering menus using seasonal produce and exotic ingredients customized by the chefs; or a raucous evening with friends at the striking new alfresco bar. No other space in Bangalore offers you so much!

The Fatty Bao

It’s trendy, it’s chic, it’s new Asian dining and a fun, inventive bar experience. The Fatty Bao which has created waves in dining-out circles in Bangalore, finally waddles into Bandra Mumbai. Off the street, tucked behind an unassuming red door lies this lazy, happy animal in its cozy abode. A great new addition to Bandra, Mumbai’s exuberant dining-out precinct. The love child of two fabulous ideas – new Asian-style dining and a cool bar – The Fatty Bao is a lively offering, rooted firmly in both fun and quality. It’s the perfect destination for a quick lunch, a leisurely afternoon or an evening get-together with friends, al fresco dining, cool cocktails or just a relaxed evening by the bar. Located conveniently in Bandra just off Linking Road, The Fatty Bao appeals to everyone who appreciates well-crafted drinks and inventive Asian food served in an edgy, chic atmosphere.


Social is a space that blends the best of the office and the café. Combining work and play,
it’s an urban hangout designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected. Social is a collaborative workspace, a hub for artists and innovators.


FAVA by Chef Entrepreneur Abhijit Saha is a Mediterranean restaurant and bar, located at the uber-luxe arcade, The Collection, UB City, Bangalore. Fava overlooks the grand amphitheatre with the sprawling greenery of historic Cubbon Park in the backdrop and the beautiful fountain area.

Fava began operations in January 2010 and has recently undergone a delicious makeover. The exciting menu by Chef Abhijit Saha, who won the ’Best Chef in India Award’ at the Indian Restaurant Congress and Awards 2013, is carefully crafted with an excellent selection of traditional favourites and creative dishes from the Mediterranean region. Like a beautiful tapestry, the menu weaves together the unique dishes of the region, complementing the delicate finesse of the European side with the rusticity of its counterparts along the azure sea. Guests can expect many new mouth watering treats, surprising new delights and healthy options inspired by the typical Mediterranean style of cooking.

Embrace the change at Bangalore’s favourite restaurant and look no further when in UB City.

Khan Saheb

At Khan Saheb, we aim to deliver all the goodness that food can bring with it. It begins with recreating the age old recipes from Bombay to serving lip-smacking food, fresh and hot; right off the tandoor.

We and our master chefs strive to have you hooked on to our food. To do so, we are ever focused on procuring fresh and quality ingredients, marinating techniques, grilling food to perfect succulence and everything around it.

“We offer a wide array of starters, rolls and beda rotis for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.”

Our food is robust in flavors and comes plated with complimenting accompaniments that not only satiate hunger but go on to create an experience. So come and embark on a scrumptious ride with Khan Saheb!

Ebony – Ivory Tower

It does not get more romantic than this. An al fresco roof top restaurant perched 200 feet high among the clouds, lit by a canopy of stars and with the beautiful garden city of Bangalore spread at its feet….Ebony had been wowing clientele for more than two decades with its eclectic mix of cuisines, un-obtrusive service and unsurpassable setting.

Sitting on the 13th floor of Barton Center on M G Road, the restaurant serves an unusual mix of Pan – Indian and Parsee classics with South Asian favourites thrown in for good measure. Ebony celebrates food that is unpretentious in nature, timeless in its appeal and needless to say prepared to ellipse all other senses.

With an extensive cocktail menu and a vast number of seating options the restaurant is an ideal choice of an intimate diner, a family gathering or even a corporate celebration. Ample reserved parking for more than 100 cars for dinner means you never have that sticky decision to make.

Candlelight at Le Cirque Signature

The joker’s in town, with quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Walk into Le Cirque Signature for Franco-Italian gastronomic experiences that delight.The subtle tones of beige, ebony and ochre against the grandeur of the Murano glass chandelier create the ambience of snug sophistication, going hand-in-hand with the delicate flavours of our French cuisine as well as the hearty aromas and piquancy of our Italian gastronomic fare.

Dining at Le Cirque Signature is about colours and textures of the freshest ingredients, prepared meticulously by our master chef complemented by gracious service which you can expect from the moment you step into the restaurant.

Apart from private dining, the restaurant also has an Al fresco option looking out into the lush gardens and offering a glimpse of the architectural splendor of the palace hotel. Either way, we assure you a unique culinary experience.

Blue Ginger

Taj West End, Bengaluru hosts one of India’s first Vietnamese restaurants, where you sample this under-explored cuisine with its subtle flavours done to perfection by our master chefs. The setting at this luxurious open-air pavilion is just right for you to rediscover romance in the middle of Bengaluru.


Matteo is a Specialty Coffeehouse. That means we use only the top 10% of quality Arabica beans. The coffee used follows the standard set by the Specialty Coffee Association. We selectively roast our beans to insure only the best taste profile from specific Origin beans. All these components make Matteo Coffea unique when it comes to brewed and espresso coffees.

Our desire is to provide our guests an unparalleled experience in an environment of service, skill and knowledge of coffee. We want you to relax in our inviting ambience and enjoy great coffee and light snacks. Just like our coffee, we use the best ingredients in our food selections. All our bakery and dessert items are made on premise for that “fresh home-made taste”. Quality is our motto in all we do. Come and experience all that is Matteo Coffea – A Better Café Experience.

Cafe Noir

Café Noir Restaurants represent the “French Art de Vivre” offering our customers a little affordable luxury each, all along the day, with a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Our customers can discover high French quality food and everything for the sweet tooth from breakfast to dinner time that make Café Noir the perfect place to linger over utterly satisfying, simple, yet traditional meals. Café Noir constantly innovates by creating new pastries and dishes, or reviving traditional French cuisine every week

Dyu Art Cafe

Dyu Art Cafe, located in Koramangala, the heart of the Garden City of India, aims to be the premier space dedicated to quality art, food and beverages. We are dedicated towards creating an atmosphere that is vibrant yet minimal, exciting yet relaxing; a place where coffee and creativity meet.

Beans Cafe

Welcome to Beans Cafe and Bakery! We started in late 2011. Our cafe and bakery offers some of the best food and drinks in Northern Kentucky. Beans is the favorite local stop for fresh donuts, homemade bakery goods, all-natural deli meats and cheeses, Caribou coffee, and UDF ice cream. More choices are available in our store! Our entire menu is available for Dine In or Carry out and while you are here check out our private room and book your next party or business meeting. We are located on Taft Highway, just off I-75 and US 25, just a few minutes drive from Grant County High School and the Ark Encounter.

Smoke House Deli

Hello! Welcome to Smoke House Deli’s cozy corner on the web! We’d like to take you on a small journey through our walls, to show you the best of the cities we inhabit, and take a fun, irreverent look at the exciting, bizarre and inspiring world that surrounds us. You’ll also find tiny QR codes that take you places, please feel free to zap our walls. It’s all really quite quaint. When you’re done looking at the walls, continue your journey down our culinary avenue with our signature Smoke House delicacies. You’ll find old friends here, fantastic food and a friendly warm buzz. With the signature Smoke House twist.

District 6

Our theatre is our kitchen and our fully trained chefs are the actors in the play – and you choose the plot, or in this case, the dish. Our open kitchens let you experience the expertise, craftsmanship and flair of our culinary wizards. Want something a little bit different, just ask…and become part of the show!


The Irish House

The Irish House at Whitefield has interesting range of cocktails, martinis, margaritas, mojitos and daiquiris to explore along with community meals for groups.


Toit is a brew pub, brewing a revolutionary culture.We started out as a sweet little Bengaluru brewing culture with the promise of some bodacious brews, fabulous foods and a supreme brew-pub experience. And that’s exactly what we’re bringing to Mumbai.

You can find us doing our thing on 100ft road Indiranagar in Bengaluru, and in Lower Parel in Mumbai, passing on our passion for beer to others.

Come by. Try everything twice. Learn, love, linger, stagger, slur, whatever.
This is a revolution, and we’ve got beer.


Arbor Brewing Company or ABS

The idea for ABC India started with Gaurav Sikka, a University of Michigan student and frequent ABC Brewpub patron. After graduating and returning to Bangalore, Gaurav contacted our founders with an interest in leading India’s emerging craft brewery movement. After an exploratory trip to India, the Greffs signed on as consultants to help build an Arbor Brewing Company modeled after the original ABC Brewpub in downtown Ann Arbor



No Limits Lounge

Nolimmits Lounge & Club presents you the Fines DJ Events with guest & Celebrity Dj’s spinning the mind blowing Music. Gang up yourself and spend the best of times with your Choice of food, beverage & Variety flavours of Hookah!!!


THE BEST MARTINIS AND MORE IN BANGALORE. REPEAT!Unwind. Chill out. Then watch the night heat up at Ice, the high-energy bar at Vivanta by Taj – MG Road, Bangalore. The drinks flow easy in this chic, sleek metallic lounge. Ice has the most sought after originals (with a secret twist). And the barman is not telling what makes the martinis here out of this world. The drinks here are inspired by international mixologists – you must try the watermelon and raspberry martinis. The Che Guevara is another revolutionary Ice original. See fresh fruit and herbs happily muddled to make refreshing cocktails. From magical mojitos, mystical margaritas, infused vodkas to a choice of international beers or rare scotch whisky, it’s all happening at one of the top lounges in Bangalore. The bar opens up to the poolside where the chefs keep the Teppanyaki coming to tame hungry revellers

The Zuri

Located in the midst of a bustling business locality yet far from the cacophony of a metropolis and just 45 minutes from the International Airport, The Zuri Whitefield is a chic business hotel that offers guests a refreshing brand of hospitality with style and sophistication. Located at the heart of Bengaluru in Whitefield, The Zuri Whitefield encapsulates the essence of this vibrant city with its young and trendy soul. Optimised to cater to the global business traveller as well as the leisure seeker, there’s everything to pamper guests and ensure that they are well attended to at all times, while they are at the city popularly known as India’s ‘Silicon Valley’.

The Big Pitcher

Big Pitcher provides the most spectacular Nightclub experience in Bangalore with six levels of Pubtainment. Big Pitcher is not just a pub but an unforgettable and unparalleled experience for those who love the good life. Big Pitcher houses a disco, microbrewery, rooftop dining, fine dining restaurants, live performances, an amazing pub ambiance, electrifying events and much more.



Yataii provides an incredible dining experience on its open deck, with views of the cityscape and sky. Its design draws inspiration from Zen philosophy to create a unique Japanese dining atmosphere that is both inviting and relaxing.

The restaurant’s concept is based around the organic elements celebrated by Japanese culture.


Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is a company that values relationships and satisfaction, both among its customers and employees. The brand was awarded one of the Top 37 best places to work in India in the largest workplace study conducted by The Economic Times. The ‘Great Places to Work’ award was a testament to Barbeque Nation’s work culture, which motivates team members to exceed expectations.

In 2017, Great Place to Work with association with rai (Retailers Association of India), awarded Barbeque Nation as one of the Top 10 retailers to work for in 2017. On 30th June 2017, for the second consecutive time, Barbeque Nation was awarded as Top 36 best places to work in India & the study was conducted by Economic Times.

The real secret behind the Barbeque chain’s growth is the philosophy of always putting the customer first. Adhering to this principle, the restaurant chain offers innovative food festivals across outlets introducing patrons to a range of culinary and experiential aspects of interesting locations-both exotic international places and hidden gems within India.

Today, Barbeque Nation operates across 85+ outlets and is looking to new shores, to spread the Barbeque Nation magic.

Bene at Sheraton

Reminiscent of a modern Italian diner, Bene welcomes you to an afternoon or evening of food and drink served with a dollop of Italian TLC. Savor on pizzas prepared live at the pizzeria in a wood-hearth oven, and get spoilt for choice with the range of pastas and main-courses to choose from; all freshly prepared in spices grown homemade from our spice garden. With all that and more there’s no wondering why Bene has been named the best Italian restaurant in the country.

Smoking is permitted but only in designated smoking areas located near the venue


We are a main stream Vegetarian casual dining restaurant chain that caters to the community as a whole, be it corporate as private parties. We provide friendly, attentive service in a relaxed environment by staff and owners who are truly passionate about what they do.
At Saffron, the menu compromises of a variety of Vegetarian dishes prepared with only the freshest and finest ingredients. We specialize in North Indian, Oriental, continental and Mexican Food


The Square – Novotel

Make yourself at home at Novotel Bengaluru Techpark hotel close to the city’s key technology parks. Sleek, contemporary design and natural light make your room a haven for work or relaxation. Unwind with drinks and barbecue at Blue Terrain by the pool. The hi-tech fitness centre is open 24/7 for you to recharge your batteries at Novotel.



Shiro Bangalore provides a mélange of dining experiences. You have a choice of teppanyaki tables or the lush outdoor terrace area where you can raise a toast to fine wine from around the world, food and music.

The feeling is definitely eclectic: Japanese, Chinese and Balinese elements come together to make the whole dining experience a warm, engaging and tropical experience. We have conceptualised the restaurant to set off the mind in myriad ways, with its dramatic soaring interiors, vast choice of food and exhaustive drinks menu. This luxury lounge has a sensuous feel and has been built to represent an Asian Castle, complete with water flows, low seating, niche spaces and mellow lighting



Skyye brings the world to your doorstep with global cuisines to excite your taste buds like never before. Choose a style and you will find offerings from pan-Asia, Europe, South America & the Middle East to appeal to your mood of the moment. Skyye chefs have engineered the menu— be it starters, main course & platters or dessert— to ensure all offerings are Uber delectable. Sample some of the favorites on our menu – Mushroom Chestnut Dimsums, Steamed Pork Stuffed Rice Paper Cigar Rolls, Char Grilled Lamb Kobideh Kebabs, Malaya Curry served with rice in Bamboo Shoots, Middle Eastern Kharoof Mahashish and you will know why our menu is the hottest in town. Top off your meal with heavenly desserts such as Tanqueray 10 based Orange Lemon Cheese Cakes, Kahlua-spiked Hazelnut Chocolate Cake, all having some of the best liqueurs from our bar as the base for a complete dining experience.

Windmills Craftworks

Enjoy the charm of al-fresco dining with starlit evenings at the Terrace with authentic flavours of North India and the bold stamp of earthy Punjabi fare. Each item on the elaborate menu is handpicked by our chef. Succulent kebabs from the streets of Lucknow and Amritsar sizzle in the Sigri, a live traditional grill or Indian style BBQ. Bread baskets, soups/shorbas, assorted salad bowls, house pickles, Indian flat breads and desserts complete the culinary experience, paired with handcrafted ales from our microbrewery and craft cocktails from our creative mixologist. Drop in for our weekday buffet lunches and evenings or a leisurely Sunday Brunch.

High Ultra Lounge

3000 Feet above the sea level, the garden city is unique combination of being Pub and Startup capital of India. The city is situated even above Dehradun and enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year. With the panoramic view of the city, the best lunge bar of Bangalore is on 31st floor of the World Trade Center. Spread lavishly across 10,000 square feet, High Ultra Lounge is a modern Asian bar and rooftop restaurant that is based on the theme of timelessness. Blending the outdoors and indoors with breath taking views of the city combined with sensuous interiors, the venue raises the bar and redefines the experience of fine dining. Embark on an exciting gastronomical journey or dance the night away to the pumped up tunes of the best DJ’s in town.

The venue sits atop the World Trade Centre in Bangalore at a height of 421 feet, making it the tallest dinning point in South India. With the theme of timeliness one of the best Lounge Bar in the world, the venue is divided into HIGH Edge, HIGH Dine, High Mix, HIGH View and High Live, We’ve got the right HIGH for every mood!


It all began with our founder father, Yajna Narayana Maiya, starting a restaurant in Bangalore. He fashioned his restaurant after the restaurants in Europe, high on standards and hygiene. His mission: to serve traditional food at its purest and most sumptuous.

For his restaurant, he would personally choose his ingredients directly from the market. He believed in zero wastage, so he made just enough food for every meal freshly, without over producing and serving it later. He also introduced a system wherein customers could scrutinize the kitchen anytime to satisfy themselves of its hygiene. His drive for holistic, healthy practices lead him to distribute small booklets on health, proper eating habits and recipes. The special flavours you enjoy at Maiyas can be credited to the authentic recipes of our founding father. Today, he is known as the inventor of Rava Idli.

Burger King

Every day, more than 11 million guests visit BURGER KING® restaurants around the world. And they do so because our restaurants are known for serving high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. Founded in 1954, BURGER KING® is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world with about 13,000 restaurants operating in 100 countries. The original HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, our commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years.


the SUBWAY brand is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 locations around the world. We’ve become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Chai Point

We bring to you the freshest tea leaves sourced from the best plantations in India. Our tea leaves are vacuum packed immediately after manufacturing at the garden itself to give you the freshest glass of Chai.

Staying true to our Clean Earth practices, our teas are packed in pouches that are 100% biodegradable. A custom designed steel scoop is placed in each pouch to make sure that every scoop has just the desired amount of tea in it.

Our endeavor is to become a part of the Chai ritual in your home everyday!

Taco Bell

Tacobell is America’s largest Mexican fast food restaurant chain with over 6000 restaurants across 17 countries worldwide. In India, it is present in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi & now in Noida. Tacobell serves exciting new types of fast food that are both craveable and packed with flavours.

Kaapi Katte

“KAAPI KATTE” the conventional coffee store came into existance with a vision to provide excellent, qualitative and authentic coffee at affordable cost to the coffee lovers of Bangalore in particular and in general to all. This idea was conceptualised and brought into being by our visionary leader Mr. Anand in the month of February, 2008. The stupendous response given by customers who were immensely satisfied with taste and quality, provoked us to expand food varieties.

Nagarjuna Restaurants

We offer fine culinary experience to our guests at our restaurants which are famed among the topmost restaurants in Bangalore



Faasos is an Indian “food on demand” company that was incorporated in 2011.Faasos operates in the 16 of the largest cities in India and takes customer orders via its mobile app and also the website. It is the only vertically integrated food business in India and operates all three stages of a “food on demand” business: ordering, distribution and order fulfillment.Faasos receives 10,000 orders a day across India and has recorded a growth rate of 20-25 per cent month-on-month.


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