Emergency Contact Numbers in Bangalore

 General Numbers

All India Railway Helpline number 1512    
Police Control Room 100    
Women’s Helpline 181    
Medical Helpline 108    
Ambulance helpline 102    
Fire Station 101    
​​Fire Station Control Room 8022971500 8022971550 8022971600
Fire Station Whatsapp 8123712101​    
AIDS Helpline 1097    
Gas emergency Leakage 1906    
BWSSB 8022238888    
IRCTC 1139340000 1123340000  
BMTC Toll Free Number 18004251663    
Metro Phone 918022969301    
Manipal Hospital  918022221111    
Apollo Lifeline 914043441066 18605001066  
Apollo Emergency 1066    
Bescom Whatsup 9449844640    
Bescom Helpline 1912    
Bescom SMS 58888    
Eye Banks
Dr. Rajkumar Eye Bank 919741685555 918066121300
Shankar Anand Singh Eye Bank 919902821128 918066660655
General Enquiries Toll Free 18004254425
WhatsApp 918884998888
Grievance Desk – Terminal Manager 953 888 5555
AIR INDIA 919449873947
JET AIRWAYS 912261212300
AIR COSTA 918662541100
AIR ARABIA 97165580000
AIR FRANCE 18001800033
AIR MAURITIUS 9880496316
DRAGON AIR 912266256665
EMIRATES 8033773377
ETIHAD AIRWAYS 917829411449
LUFTHANSA 18001025838
OMAN AIR 9916999301
QATAR AIRWAYS 8047406131
THAI AIRWAYS 8066783191
TIGER AIR 8553908738
Bank Toll Free Numbers
Allahabad bank 1800220363    
Andhra Bank 18004252905    
SLBC of Andhar Bank 18004258525    
Bank of Baroda 1800224447    
Bank of India 1800220088    
Bank of Maharashtra 18002334526 18001022636 18002093545
Canara Bank 18004250018    
Central Bank of India 18002001911    
Corporation Bank 18004256655    
Dena Bank 18018002336427    
IDBI Bank 18002001947    
Indian Bank 18004250000    
Indian Overseas bank 18004254445    
Oriental Bank of Commerce 18001801235    
Punjab National bank 18001802222    
State bank of Bikaner & Jaipur 18001806005    
State Bank of Hyderabad 18004254055    
State Bank of India 1800112211 18004253800  
State Bank of Mysore 18004252244    
State Bank of Patiala 18001802010    
State Bamkof Tranvancore 18004255566    
Syndicate Bank 18004256655 1800225092  
UCO Bank 18001030123    
United bank of India 18003450345    
Union Bank of India 1800222244    
Vijaya Bank 18004255885 18004254066  
Blood Banks
Bangalore Blood Bank 8023347714
Indian Red Cross Society 8022264205
Rashtrothana Blood Bank 8026612731
Rotary Bangalore TTK Blood Bank 8025284504
Vijayanagara Hospital Blood Bank 8023358800
Lions Blood Bank 8022266807
Precicous Blood Missionories 8025530697
Life Care Blood Bank 8123533773
Grace Blood Bank 9740330720
Akshaya Blood Bank 8023147303
Dr Rajkumar blood bank 8022108108
Dr. B Shivaji Rao’s Blood Bank 9343773931
Navarang Blood Bank 8023521233
Jeeva Voluntary Blood Bank & Diagnostics 8026707755
S K Voluntary Blood Bank 8023103524
My Blood Bank 9066705533


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