Certified Scrum Product Owner

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Product Ownership – (Water Fall Models)

a) Identify Customer Needs

b) Establish Target Specifications

c) Generate Product concepts

d) Select Product

e) Test Product

f) Set Final Specifications


Product Ownership – (Agile Method):

a) Identify Iteration models

b) Iterate

c) Deliver partial product

d) Reiterate it again


Know the below before start the Course:

a) Product Backlog – What to do?

b) Sprint Backlog – What we will do?

c) Big Visible Charts – Task Board & Burn down chart.

d) Parking Lot – To discuss it later


Taskboard Picture:



Scrum Work as below:

Scrum Works as below

Who is Product Owner?

  1. Person who deliver the product to customer
  2. Person who is accountable for delivery & ROI
  3. Customer representative
  4. Define Product Roadmap & Product backlog
  5. Review Team work
  6. Decide the official release
  7. Makes Prioritization of work
  8. Takes input from different persons

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