Scrum – (Sprint Process)



  • There is cross functional team which produces the customer need in a sprint
  • Team should be self-organized them self to decide the capacity of team.
  • Product owner decides the priority of user stories.
  • Team should know what the goal in the sprint is since it is Time boxed.
  • Team should be able to say user stories “DONE” (i.e. met the definition of done criteria)
  • PO will take the sprint demo before accepting the stories.
  • After that team will inspect the process & adopt if any changes required for next sprint.

The Scrum Team:

The Scrum Team

 The Product Owner – PO

The Product Owner is responsible for
a)    To Maintain Return of Investment policy.
b)    To Create & maintain product backlog which is prioritized list to be implemented by team.
c)    PO is responsible for triplet constraint like schedule, scope & cost.
d)    The product owner should understand the customer needs.


a)    Team should not contain more than 6 persons.
b)    Should be self-organized
c)    Cross functional team
d)    Scrum doesn’t required to have all skills (ex: One Person should have to be strong or main skill)
e)    Entire team is called as “Developers” irrespective of there skills.

Scrum Master – SM

a) Scrum master is a leader who works for Team & PO by helping them use scrum.
b) He works as 3 P’s
– Process coach
– Problem Solver
– Protector
c) Scrum master could be “Team member” or “Manager” who is not “BOSS” for them.

Complete Delivery

1) The product owner gathers all information which are known as PBI or User Stories.

  1. Risks
  2. Fixes
  3. Problems
  4. What to be implemented
  5. Customer needs

2) Before Starting of First Sprint

– PO, Team & SM will do backlog refinement.

– Split Bigger PBI into smaller or do able PBI’s

– Team should understand what to do clearly.

3) At the end of each sprint, all PBI should integrate & tested thoroughly before delivery.

4) At the end of each sprint, if any PBI is not completed due to several reasons, then it should be moved to next sprint.

5) At the end of each sprint, if any PBI found needs improvement based on customer opinion, then it should be moved to next sprint.

6) At the end of Last sprint, we need to deliver the product.

Scrum Ceremonies

Sprint Planning:

  • Sprint Planning will be done together by developers, SM & PO
  • Time box (2 Hour per 15 Days)
  • Product owner will ensure that product backlog is up to date, prioritized & groomed
  • Team will decide what capacity for the sprint is there
  • SM is responsible for arranging meeting & protecting team.
  • Remember that Scrum won’t say “what to do?”

Daily Scrum Meeting:

  • Complete the PBI’s on time
  • Raise if any Blocks available
  • Remember to work as team
  • Daily update to done as per below (15 minutes per day)
    – What have i done
    – What will i do next
    – What are my obstacles
  • SM will help to remove our obstacles
  • PO should not interfere into this meeting.



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