Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation – BMTC

Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation


Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is a government agency that operates the public transport bus service in Bangalore, India. It has the highest number of Volvo buses operated by a public transport company in India.

The following are the special services apart from ordinary services run by BMTC:

  • Suvarna: Similar fare to ordinary buses serving important feeder routes, painted in red or green/white scheme


  • Pushpak: Single door buses with coffee coloring scheme
  • BIG 10: Suvarna class buses with special green and bottle green livery plying on 12 major corridors towards the central commercial district. These buses are numbered with a G prefix.

Big 10

  • BIG Circle: Suvarna class buses with special white colored BIG Circle livery. These buses ply on inner and outer ring roads . Buses are numbered with a C prefix or a K prefix.
  • Atal Sarige: Low fare buses painted with Indian tri-colour livery.
  • Vajra: Air conditioned Volvo buses painted in red livery running on important routes serving the IT companies and major residential areas.



  • Vayu Vajra: Green coloured Volvo buses operated in 12 routes connecting to Kempegowda International Airport. Free Wi-Fi access is provided to the commuters in these buses.

Vayu Vajra

  • Marcopolo AC and Corona AC: Air conditioned buses with lower fare than Vajra services plying on select routes.
  • Metro Feeder: Special buses running on 10 routes as feeder network to the Metro stations
  • Hop On Hop Off: This service was introduced for sightseeing in Bangalore. It covers a route connecting about twenty landmarks of great historic, religious and scientific significance.BMTC has also introduced Mercedes Benz buses on a trial basis.BMTC has also introduced buses powered by solar energy & Electon trial basis in Bangalore.
    Electric Bus

    Electric Bus

Smart card
BMTC unveiled a smart card for its bus services for the first time in June 2016. The company introduced smart cards on trial-basis on BMTC Bus No. 335 operating between Majestic and Kadugodi bus stations in March 2017.Apart from serving as an identification document, the smart cards can be used to purchase bus tickets and also swiped at point-of-sale (POS) enabled merchant establishments.

List of Major Bus Stations in Bangalore

SN. Place Address
1 Kempegowda Bus Station Subhashnagar, Bengaluru-09
2 Shivajinagar Shivajinagar, Bengaluru-01
3 K.R. Market Kalasipalya, Bengaluru-02
4 Austin Town Austin Town, Bengaluru
5 Basaweshwaranagar Sharada colony, Bengaluru
6 Banshankari, Sri Vidyanagar Banashankari 3rd stage, Bengaluru
7 Bidadi Mysore road, Bengaluru
8 BTM Layout Outer ring road, Bengaluru
9 Chandra layout Near Attiguppe, Bengaluru
10 Chennammanakere Achukattu Katriguppe, Bengaluru
11 Chikkallasandra Near Padmanabhanagar
12 Chikkamaranahalli BEL road, Bengaluru
13 Electronic city Hosur Raod, Bengaluru
14 ISRO layout ISRO layout,
15 Hesaraghatta Near Indo Danish farm, Bengaluru
16 Jeevanabhimanagar HAL 3rd stage, Bengaluru
17 K.R. Puram Near ITI,  Old Madras road
18 Kadugodi Whitefield road, Bengaluru
19 Kalyanagar Outer ring road, near bus depot, Bengaluru
20 Kavalabyrasandra Kavalabyrasandra, near Sultan palya, Bengaluru
21 Kumaraswamy Layout Kumaraswamy layout I stage, Bengaluru
22 Laggere Near Peenya, Bengaluru
23 Lakshmidevinagar Near Peenya, Bengaluru
24 Malleshwaram 18th cross, Bengaluru-03
25 Mallasandra Bagalagunte, Bengaluru
26 Muneshwara block Near Srinagar, Bengaluru
27 Nagarabhavi 9th block Near Bandemaramma Circle
28 Nandini layout HBCS, Nandini Layout, Bengaluru
29 Pillanagarden Tannery road, Bengaluru
30 Rajarajeshwarinagar BEML 5th stage, Bengaluru
31 RPC Layout Near Vijayanagar, Bengaluru
32 Vidyaranyapura BEL Layout, Bengaluru
33 Vijayanagar West of chord road, Bengaluru
34 Viveknagar Near Neelasandra, Bengaluru
35 Yelahanka Satellite town Yelahanka Satellite town, Bengaluru-64
36 Yelahanka New town Yelahanka 5th phase, behind depot Bengaluru
37 Yelahanka old town Yelahanka, Bengaluru

BMTC has divided route numbers as below:

  1. General Service Route Numbers
  2. G-Series Route Numbers
  3. K-Series Route Numbers
  4. International Airport (KIAS) Route Numbers
  5. Atal Sarige Service Route Numbers
Bus route No. Source Destination
1 Jayanagar 9th Block Yeshwanthpur Metro Station
1E J. P. Nagar 6th Phase Chowdeshwari Bus Stand, Mathikere
1F K. R. Market BTM Layout
2 Kempegowda Bus Station J. P. Nagar 6th Phase
2A Kempegowda Bus Station J. P. Nagar 1st Phase
2B Kempegowda Bus Station Ilyas Nagar
2D Bangalore City railway station J. P. Nagar 6th Phase
2E Kempegowda Bus Station J. P. Nagar 6th Phase
2M K. R. Market J. P. Nagar 1st Phase
3B Jayanagar 9th Block Banashankari 3rd Stage
3E BTM Layout Banashankari 3rd Stage
7D Banashankari Jeevanbheemanagar
7E J. P. Nagar 6th Phase Domlur
7F J. P. Nagar 3rd Phase Jeevanbheemanagar
11 K. R. Market Banashankari
12 Kempegowda Bus Station Banashankari
12B Kempegowda Bus Station Padmanabhanagar
12D Kempegowda Bus Station Kadirenahalli Park
12E Kempegowda Bus Station Banashankari
12F Kempegowda Bus Station Iliyas Nagar
13 Shivajinagar Banashankari
13A Shivajinagar Kumaraswamy Layout 2nd Stage
13B Shivajinagar Padmanabhanagar
13C Shivajinagar Kumaraswamy Layout
13D Shivajinagar Kadirenahalli Park
13E Shivajinagar Banashankari 3rd Stage
13F Shivajinagar Chennammanakere Achukattu
13G Shivajinagar Jaraganahalli House Building Co-Op-Society Layout
13H Shivajinagar AGS Layout
13J Shivajinagar Hosakerehalli
13K Shivajinagar Minaz Nagar
13S Jaraganahalli House Building Co-Op-Society Layout Sultanpalya
14 Malleshwaram 18th Cross Banashankari
14B Chowdeshwari Bus Station, Mathikere Banashankari
15 K. R. Market Banashankari BDA Complex
15A K. R. Market Padmanabhanagar
15C Kempegowda Bus Station Kumaraswamy Layout
15E Kempegowda Bus Station Kumaraswamy Layout
15F K. R. Market Kumaraswamy Layout 2nd Stage
15G Kempegowda Bus Station Kumaraswamy Layout
15H Kempegowda Bus Station Jaraganahalli House Building Co-Op-Society Layout
15K Shivajinagar Fayazabad
18 Kempegowda Bus Station Jayanagar 9th Block
19E J. P. Nagar 6th Phase Yeshwanthpur RMC Yard
20 Shivajinagar Jayanagar 9th Block
21 K. R. Market Bhyrasandra
22 Kempegowda Bus Station Bhyrasandra
22A Shivajinagar Bhyrasandra
23 Yeshwanthpur J. P. Nagar 3rd Phase
24 K. R. Market BTM Layout
24A K. R. Market BTM Layout South
24E K. R. Market J. P. Nagar 3rd Phase
24F K. R. Market BTM 16th Main
24H K. R. Market Nayanappa Shettipalya
25 Kempegowda Bus Station BTM Layout
25A Kempegowda Bus Station BTM Layout
25E Kempegowda Bus Station J. P. Nagar 3rd Phase
25F Kempegowda Bus Station BTM Layout South
25J Kempegowda Bus Station Tavarekere
25K Kempegowda Bus Station J. P. Nagar Dollars Colony
26 Kempegowda Bus Station Bhyrasandra
27 Shivajinagar BTM Layout South
27A Shivajinagar Nayanappa Shettipalya
27E Shivajinagar J. P. Nagar 3rd Phase
27N Shivajinagar BTM Layout South
29 Shivajinagar J. P. Nagar 6th Phase
29A Shivajinagar J. P. Nagar 1st Phase
29E Shivajinagar Ilyas Nagar
30E N. R. Colony Sulthanpalya
31 Kempegowda Bus Station N. R. Colony
31E Kempegowda Bus Station Thyagarajanagar
32 Shivajinagar, Bangalore N. R. Colony
32E Shivajinagar, Bangalore Thyagarajanagar
33 Kempegowda Bus Station Hosakerehalli
34 Shivajinagar, Bangalore Hosakerehalli
34A Shivajinagar, Bangalore Banashankari 3rd Stage
34B Shivajinagar, Bangalore Vivekananda Nagar
34C Shivajinagar, Bangalore Muneshwara Nagar Kerekodi
34F Shivajinagar, Bangalore Krishnappa Layout
34S Shivajinagar, Bangalore Channammanakere Achukattu
35 Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Swimming Pool
36 Kempegowda Bus Station Srinagar
36A Kempegowda Bus Station Avalahalli BDA Park
36B Kempegowda Bus Station Girinagar
36D Kempegowda Bus Station Muneshwara Block
36F Kempegowda Bus Station Muneshwara Block
36G Kempegowda Bus Station Avalahalli New BDA Layout
37 Shivajinagar, Bangalore Girinagar
37A Shivajinagar, Bangalore Muneshwara Block
37B Shivajinagar, Bangalore Timberyard Layout
37D Shivajinagar, Bangalore Kempegowda Swimming Pool
37E Shivajinagar, Bangalore Girinagar
37F Shivajinagar, Bangalore Girinagar Extension
43 Kempegowda Bus Station Sri Vidyanagar
43A Kempegowda Bus Station Vivekananda Nagar
43B Kempegowda Bus Station Hosakerehalli Village
43C Kempegowda Bus Station Muneshwara Nagar Kerekodi
43D Kempegowda Bus Station Veerabhadra Nagar Cross
43E Kempegowda Bus Station Banashankari 3rd Stage
43H Kempegowda Bus Station Pramod Layout
43J Kempegowda Bus Station Krishnappa Layout
43M Kempegowda Bus Station Haridasa Nagar
44 Banashankari 3rd Stage R. T. Nagar
45 K. R. Market Channammanakere Achukattu
45A K. R. Market Bhuvaneshwari Nagar
45B Kempegowda Bus Station Bhuvaneshwari Nagar
45C K. R. Market Bhuvaneshwari Nagar
45D Kempegowda Bus Station Arehalli AGS Layout
45E Kempegowda Bus Station Channammanakere Achukattu
45F Kempegowda Bus Station Channammanakere Achukattu
45G Kempegowda Bus Station Kamakya Theatre
45J Bangalore City Railway Station Channammanakere Achukattu
45K Kempegowda Bus Station Dattathreya Layout
47 Padmanabhanagar Yeshwantpur New Railway Station
49 Kempegowda Bus Station Brindavana Nagar
50 Shivajinagar Brindavana Nagar
52 Raghavendra Colony Yeshwantpur
52E Raghavendra Colony Yeshwantpur Railway Station
54 K. R. Market Vinayaka Nagar
54E Kempegowda Bus Station Vinayaka Nagar
56 Kempegowda Bus Station Jagajeevanaram Nagar
57 Kempegowda Bus Station Jagajeevanaram Nagar
57A Kempegowda Bus Station MCTC
57B Kempegowda Bus Station MCTC
58 Kempegowda Bus Station MCTC
59 K. R. Market Vijayanagar
59A K. R. Market Saraswathi Nagar
59B K. R. Market Marenahalli
59C K. R. Market GKW Layout
59D K. R. Market Nayandahalli Railway Gate
59F Kempegowda Bus Station Chandra Layout 1st Stage
59H K. R. Market BCC Layout
60A Vijayanagar Jayanagar 9th Block
60B Chandra Layout J. P. Nagar 3rd Phase
60C Chandra Layout J. P. Nagar 6th Phase
60E Vijayanagar BTM Layout
60F Kamala Nagar Channamanakere Achukattu
60J GKW Layout Koramangala
61 Kempegowda Bus Station Vijayanagar
61A Kempegowda Bus Station Chandra Layout
61B Kempegowda Bus Station Saraswathi Nagar
61C Kempegowda Bus Station BCC Layout
61D Kempegowda Bus Station Vijayanagar
61E Kempegowda Bus Station Vijayanagar
61F Kempegowda Bus Station GKW Layout
61G Kempegowda Bus Station Chandra Layout
61J Kempegowda Bus Station Chandra Layout 1st Stage
61K Kempegowda Bus Station Nanjarasappa Layout
61M Kempegowda Bus Station Vidyagiri Layout
62 Hampinagar Domlur
62B KHB Colony Jeevanbheemanagar
63 Shivajinagar BCC Layout
63B Shivajinagar GKW Layout
63E Shivajinagar Hampinagar
64 Shivajinagar Hampinagar
65 K. R. Market KHB Colony
65B Basaveshwaranagar Banashankari
66 Shivajinagar KHB Colony
68 Shivajinagar Kamalanagar BEML Layout
74 Shivajinagar Rajajinagar Ram Mandir
75 Malleshwaram 18th Cross Rajajinagar Ram Mandir
75B Malleshwaram 18th Cross Hampinagar
75C Vijayanagar Chowdeshwari Bus Station, Mathikere
75D Chandra Layout Chowdeshwari Bus Station, Mathikere
75E Malleshwaram 18th Cross GKW Layout
75F Saraswathi Nagar Yeshwantpur
75H Malleshwaram 18th Cross MCTC
77 K. R. Market Mahalakshmi Layout
77A K. R. Market Lakshmidevi Nagar
77B N. R. Colony Mahalakshmi Layout
77C N. R. Colony Nandini Layout
77D K. R. Market Vidhana Soudha Layout
77E K. R. Market Nandini Layout
77F K. R. Market Jai Bhuvaneshwari Nagar
78 Yeshwantpur Yeshwantpur
78A Kempegowda Bus Station ISKCON Temple
79A Shivajinagar Yeshwantpur
79B Shivajinagar Bandireddy Circle
79D Shivajinagar Mahalakshmi Layout
79E Shivajinagar Mahalakshmi Layout
79F Shivajinagar Jai Bhuvaneshwari Nagar
79G Shivajinagar Jai Bhuvaneshwari Nagar
79H Shivajinagar Laggere Arch
79J Shivajinagar Geleyara Balaga Layout
79K Shivajinagar Kurubarahalli
80 Kempegowda Bus Station Mahalakshmi Layout
80A Kempegowda Bus Station Nandini Layout
80B Kempegowda Bus Station Jai Maruthi Nagar
80C Kempegowda Bus Station Goraguntepalya
80D Kempegowda Bus Station Ravi Layout
80E Kempegowda Bus Station Kanteerava Nagar 2nd Stage
80F Kempegowda Bus Station Jai Bhuvaneshwari Nagar
80G Kempegowda Bus Station Laggere Arch
80H Bangalore City Railway Station Nandini Layout
80K Kempegowda Bus Station Sakammana Badavane
80L Kempegowda Bus Station Ashraya Nagar
80R Kempegowda Bus Station Rajkumar Samadhi
81 K. R. Market Lakshmi Narayanpura
82 Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
82A Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
82B Kempegowda Bus Station Government Soap Factory
82C Kempegowda Bus Station Yeshwantpur
83 K. R. Market Bandireddy Circle
83C Kempegowda Bus Station Yeshwantpur Railway Station
83D K. R. Market Bandireddy Circle
84 K. R. Market Laggere Bridge
86 Kempegowda Bus Station KHB Colony
86E KHB Colony Jayanagar 9th Block
87 Kempegowda Bus Station Hampinagar
87A Kempegowda Bus Station Hampinagar
87B Kempegowda Bus Station Nayandahalli Railway Gate
87C Kempegowda Bus Station Hampinagar
87S Shivajinagar Hampinagar
88 Kempegowda Bus Station Basaveshwaranagar
88A Kempegowda Bus Station Basaveshwaranagar 3rs Stage, Saneguruvanahalli
88E K. R. Market Basaveshwaranagar 3rs Stage, Saneguruvanahalli
89 Kempegowda Bus Station Kurubarahalli
89A Kempegowda Bus Station Kaveri Nagar
89B Kempegowda Bus Station Geleyara Balaga Layout
89C Kempegowda Bus Station Kaveri Nagar
89D Kempegowda Bus Station Kurubarahalli JC Nagar
89E Kempegowda Bus Station Kaveri Nagar
89F Kempegowda Bus Station Geleyara Balaga Layout
89H K. R. Market Kaveri Nagar
90 Kempegowda Bus Station Yeshwantpur Railway Station
90E Kempegowda Bus Station Yeshwantpur Railway Station
91 Yeshwantpur Railway Station Srinagar
91C Yeshwantpur Railway Station Srinagar
91D Yeshwantpur Railway Station K. R. Market
92E Shivajinagar Yeshwantpur Railway Station
92F Shivajinagar Yeshwantpur Railway Station
93 Shivajinagar Yeshwantpur Railway Station
94 Shivajinagar Yeshwantpur
94A Shivajinagar Nandini Layout
94C Shivajinagar Mohan Kumar Nagar
94D Shivajinagar Chowdeshwari Bus Station, Mathikere
94E Shivajinagar Yeshwantpur Railway Station
95 Shivajinagar Kamalanagar BEML Layout
95A K. R. Market Kamalanagar BEML Layout
95B K. R. Market Kamalanagar
95E Kamalanagar BEML Layout Nagashettihalli
96 Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
96A Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
96B Kempegowda Bus Station Kamalanagar BEML Layout
96C Kempegowda Bus Station Kamalanagar Shankar Nag Bus Stand
96D Kempegowda Bus Station Kamalanagar
96E Kempegowda Bus Station Kamalanagar BEML Layout
96G Kempegowda Bus Station Kamalanagar Shankar Nag Bus Stand
96H Kempegowda Bus Station Kamalanagar Shankar Nag Bus Stand
98C Kempegowda Bus Station Patelappa Layout
98E Kempegowda Bus Station Laxmidevi Nagar
98G Kempegowda Bus Station Lottegollahalli Railway Colony
99A Kempegowda Bus Station Mohan Kumar Nagar
99B Kempegowda Bus Station Chowdeshwari Bus Stand JP Park
99E K. R. Market Chowdeshwari Bus Stand JP Park
100 Shivajinagar Chowdeshwari Bus Stand JP Park
100E Sadashivanagar BTM Layout
104 Kempegowda Bus Station Sadashivanagar
108 K. R. Market Anandanagar
108B Kempegowda Bus Station Anandanagar
111 K. R. Market Kaval Byrasandra
111A K. R. Market Kaval Byrasandra
111C Kempegowda Bus Station Kaval Byrasandra
111E Jagajeevanaram Nagar Kaval Byrasandra
112 Shivajinagar Kaval Byrasandra
112A Shivajinagar Kaval Byrasandra
114 K. R. Market Sulthanpalya
114A Shivajinagar Sulthanpalya
114B Kempegowda Bus Station Manorayana Palya
114C Kempegowda Bus Station Sulthanpalya
114D Shivajinagar Manorayana Palya
114E Banashankari Sulthanpalya
115A Kamala Nagar BEML Layout Kaval Byrasandra
119 Shivajinagar Marappa Garden
119B K. R. Market Marappa Garden
120 Yeshwantpur Railway Station Lingarajapuram
122 Kempegowda Bus Station Old Bayyappanahalli
123 Shivajinagar Old Bayyappanahalli
124 Shivajinagar Old Bayyappanahalli
125 K. R. Market Pottery Town
125E Shivajinagar Marappa Garden
126 Kempegowda Bus Station Jeevanahalli
126A K. R. Market Jeevanahalli
127 Shivajinagar Jeevanahalli
128 Shivajinagar Coxtown Circle
129 Shivajinagar Kempegowda Bus Station
131 Kempegowda Bus Station Domlur
132 Shivajinagar Domlur
137 Yeshwantpur Domlur
138 Kempegowda Bus Station Jeevanbheemanagar
138D Kempegowda Bus Station Jeevanbheemanagar
139 Shivajinagar Jeevanbheemanagar
139A Devasandra HAL
140 K. R. Market Viveka Nagar
140A K. R. Market Srinivagilu
140B K. R. Market Karnataka Housing Complex
140E Vijayanagar Karnataka Housing Complex
141 Shivajinagar Viveka Nagar
141A Shivajinagar Karnataka Housing Complex
141E Shivajinagar Srinivagilu
141K Shivajinagar Koramangala
143 K. R. Market Neelasandra
143A Jagajeevanaram Nagar Neelasandra
143E K. R. Market Rose Garden
144 Shivajinagar Neelasandra
144A Shivajinagar Gajendra Nagar
144E Shivajinagar Rose Garden
144G Sulthanpalya Neelasandra
144K Kaval Byrasandra Neelasandra
145 Kempegowda Bus Station Neelasandra
145A Kempegowda Bus Station Rose Garden
146 Kempegowda Bus Station Viveka Nagar
146B Kempegowda Bus Station Srinivagilu
150 K. R. Market Shivajinagar
152 Pillanna Garden Rose Garden
154 Shivajinagar Vinayaka Nagar
155 Shivajinagar Jagajeevanaram Nagar
155A Shivajinagar K. P. Agrahara
163 MCTC Koramangala
163A K. R. Market Koramangala
163C K. R. Market Lakshman Rao Nagar
163D Karnataka Housing Complex Jayanagar 9th Block
163G K. R. Market Koramangala
164 Shivajinagar BTM Layout
166 Shivajinagar Koramangala
167 Kempegowda Bus Station Ejipura
168 Kempegowda Bus Station Ejipura
168A K. R. Market Jaibheema Nagar
168D K. R. Market Tavare Kere
168E Kempegowda Bus Station Jaibheema Nagar
169 Kurubarahalli Jeevanahalli
170 Vijayanagar Koramangala
171 Kempegowda Bus Station Koramangala
171C Kempegowda Bus Station Koramangala Kendriya Sadan
171E Kamala Nagar BEML Layout Koramangala
171F Kempegowda Bus Station Karnataka Housing Complex
171G Kempegowda Bus Station Koramangala
171H Kempegowda Bus Station Karnataka Housing Complex
171J Kempegowda Bus Station Koramangala
173A Chowdeshwari Bus Stand, Mathikere Koramangala
174 Mahalakshmi Layout Koramangala
175 Chowdeshwari Bus Stand, Mathikere BTM Layout
176 Hampinagar Kaval Byrasandra
176A MCTC Kaval Byrasandra
176C Chandra Layout Sulthanpalya
176CA Chandra Layout Manorayana Palya
176D GKW Layout Ganganagar
176E BCC Layout Kaval Byrasandra
176G Hampinagar Ganganagar
177 Chowdeshwari Bus Stand, Mathikere N. R. Colony
180 KHB Colony Kaval Byrasandra
181 Kavery Nagar Jayanagar 9th Block
181A Bhima Jyothi Nagar Mahadeshwar Nagar
184 Bhima Jyothi Nagar BTM Layout
185 Kavery Nagar Jayanagar 9th Block
186 Nandini Layout Jeevanbheemanagar
187 Nandini Layout Sulthanpalya
188 Mahalakshmi Layout Srividya Nagar
189 Mahalakshmi Layout J. P. Nagar 3rd Phase
190 Srinagar Jeevanbheemanagar
195 Shivajinagar Chandra Layout
197 Sulthapalya Jeevanbheemanagar
201 Srinagar Domlur
201A Srinagar Domlur
201B Girinagar 2nd Stage Domlur
201C Banashankari Madiwala
201J Padmanabhanagar Jeevanbheemanagar
201K Jaraganahalli House Building Society Layout Domlur
201M Hampinagar Jeevanbheemanagar
201MA Madiwala Mosque Jeevanbheemanagar
201MD J. P. Nagar 6th Phase Domlur
201N Srinagar Domlur
201P Hosakerehalli Neelasandra
201Q Central Silk Board Jeevanbheemanagar
201R Srinagar CV Raman Nagar
201S Banashankari Domlur
201U AGS Layout Baiyappanahalli
201V Jayanagar Bus Stand Neelasandra
202 Kumaraswamy Layout Yeshwantpur
203 J. P. Nagar 3rd Phase Yeshwantpur
210 K. R. Market Uttarahalli
210A Kempegowda Bus Station ISRO Layout
210B K. R. Market Chunchaghatta
210C K. R. Market Karishma Hills
210CA Kempegowda Bus Station Gubbalala
210EA Kempegowda Bus Station BGS Hospital
210F Shivajinagar Uttarahalli
210GA Shivajinagar Kumaraswamy Layout West
210HA Shivajinagar Global Academy
210I Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkalasandra
210J Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkalasandra Ramanjaneya Layout
210KA Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkalasandra
210NB Kempegowda Bus Station Banashankari 5th Stage
210P Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkalasandra
210Q Shivajinagar Chikkalasandra
210T Banashankari Banashankari
210U Kempegowda Bus Station Kumaraswamy Layout
210V Banashankari Banashankari
210W Kempegowda Bus Station Kariyana Palya
210X Kempegowda Bus Station Chandra Nagar
210Z Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkalasandra Ramanjaneya Layout
210ZA Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkalasandra Ramanjaneya Layout
211 K. R. Market Somanahalli
211A K. R. Market Vajramuneshwara Temple
211B Kempegowda Bus Station Somanahalli
211C K. R. Market Vaderahalli
211D K. R. Market Naganayakanahalli
211DA K. R. Market Mallipalya
211E K. R. Market Karenahalli
211G K. R. Market Kodipalya
211H K. R. Market Mukkodlu
211J Kempegowda Bus Station Vaddarahalli
211K K. R. Market Gudipalya
211L Kempegowda Bus Station BCC Layout
211M K. R. Market Honnalagana Doddi
211N K. R. Market Bidadi
211R K. R. Market Chudahalli
211RA K. R. Market Byramangala
211T K. R. Market OB Chudahalli
211U Kempegowda Bus Station Judiciary Layout, Thalaghattapura
212 K. R. Market Agara
212C K. R. Market Nagegowdana Palya
212D Kempegowda Bus Station Agara
212F Kempegowda Bus Station Tataguni
212G Kempegowda Bus Station Thimmegowdana Palya
212M Banashankari Kengeri
213 K. R. Market Ravagodlu
213A K. R. Market Nettigere
213B K. R. Market Kagalahalli
213C K. R. Market Nawkal Palya
213D K. R. Market Kempaiahana Palya
213DA K. R. Market Byramangala
213DB K. R. Market Arasu Colony
213DC K. R. Market Kempaiahana Palya
213E K. R. Market Thokathimmanadoddi
213G K. R. Market New Gabadi
213J K. R. Market Bokipura
213K K. R. Market Gundajaneya Swamy Temple
213L K. R. Market Hosa Doddi
213M K. R. Market Allalasandra
213P K. R. Market Tayappana Doddi
213Q K. R. Market Muthurayapura
213QA K. R. Market Gottigehalli
213T K. R. Market Veerasandra
213V K. R. Market Harohalli
213Z Kempegowda Bus Station Harohalli
214 K. R. Market Tattaguppe
214A Shivajinagar Tattaguppe
214B K. R. Market Girigowdana Doddi
214D K. R. Market Taralu Estate
214DA Banashankari Guttepalya
214E K. R. Market Muninagara
214F Yeshwantpur Market Mukkodlu
214G K. R. Market Gottigehalli
214H K. R. Market Gullahatti Kaval
214J K. R. Market Nallakkana Doddi
214K Banashankari Tattaguppe
214L K. R. Market Kadujakkasandra
215 K. R. Market Amruth Nagar
215A K. R. Market Kothnuru
215AB Banashankari Kothnuru
215B K. R. Market Avalahalli BDA Layout
215C K. R. Market Jambusavari Dinne
215CA Jayanagar Bus Stand Jambusavari Dinne
215CD Jayanagar Bus Stand Srinivasa Reddy Layout
215D Kempegowda Bus Station Eshwara Layout
215E Kempegowda Bus Station Eshwara Layout
215F K. R. Market Kothnuru
215H Kempegowda Bus Station Jambusavari Dinne
215K K. R. Market Jambusavari Dinne
215MA Jayanagar Bus Stand Arekere MICO Layout
215N Kempegowda Bus Station Anjanapura
215NA Kempegowda Bus Station Amruth Nagar
215NB Kempegowda Bus Station Nandhi Garden
215P Kempegowda Bus Station Sowdamini Kalyana Mantapa
215W Banashankari Banashankari
215Y Banashankari Banashankari
215Z K. R. Market Bannerghatta Circle
216 K. R. Market Banjara Palya
216A K. R. Market Byrasandra
216B K. R. Market Bade Katte
217 K. R. Market Sompura
217B K. R. Market Kengeri
217D Kempegowda Bus Station Lakshmi Temple
217E Shivajinagar Balaji Layout
218 K. R. Market Kambipura
218A Kempegowda Bus Station Kambipura
218B Shivajinagar Kambipura
219 K. R. Market K. R. Market
219A K. R. Market K. R. Market
220B Kempegowda Bus Station Kengeri Satellite Town
220D K. R. Market Doddabele
220E Kempegowda Bus Station Doddabele
221 K. R. Market Gulaganjanahalli
221B K. R. Market Tavare Kere
221C K. R. Market Doddabasthi
221D K. R. Market Kengeri Bandemata Badavane
221E K. R. Market Ramasandra
221F Kempegowda Bus Station Hunisemarada Palya
221G Kempegowda Bus Station Kengeri Bandemata Badavane
221H K. R. Market Bettana Palya
221J K. R. Market Tavare Kere
221K K. R. Market Kommaghatta
221L K. R. Market Nelamangala
222 K. R. Market Kengeri Satellite Town
222A Kempegowda Bus Station Kengeri Satellite Town
222C Kempegowda Bus Station Upadhyaya Badavane
222F Kempegowda Bus Station Shirke KHB Quarters
222K Shivajinagar Shirke KHB Quarters
222M Banashankari Tavare Kere
222N Kempegowda Bus Station Jnana Bharati Layout
223A Shivajinagar Doddabasthi
223B Shivajinagar Mallathalli
223D K. R. Market Doddabasthi
223E K. R. Market Ramasandra
223F K. R. Market Sulikere
223G K. R. Market Doddabasthi
223H K. R. Market Dhananayakanahalli
223J Central Silk Board Doddabasthi
223L K. R. Market Vishweshwaraiah Layout 1st Block
223N K. R. Market Jnana Jyothi Nagar
223P Kempegowda Bus Station Upkar Residency, Mallathalli
223PA Kempegowda Bus Station Upkar Residency, Mallathalli
223Q K. R. Market Upkar Residency, Mallathalli
224 K. R. Market Karubele
224A K. R. Market Varahasandra
224C Kempegowda Bus Station Karubele
224D K. R. Market Doddipalya
224DA K. R. Market Devagere
224E K. R. Market K. R. Market
225 K. R. Market Channasandra
225A K. R. Market BGS Health City
225AB Kempegowda Bus Station Srinivasapura Colony
225B Jayanagar 9th Block BEML Layout 5th Stage
225C Kempegowda Bus Station BEML Layout 5th Stage
225CB Kempegowda Bus Station BHEL Layout
225CF Kempegowda Bus Station BGS Hospital
225D Kempegowda Bus Station BHEL Concrode Layout
225DA K. R. Market BHEL Concrode Layout
225E Kengeri Bangarappa Nagar
225G Kempegowda Bus Station Bangarappa Nagar
225H Kempegowda Bus Station BEML Layout 5th Stage
225K K. R. Market BHEL Layout Maramma Temple
225L Yeshwantpur BEML Layout 5th Stage
225M Ulsoor BEML Layout 5th Stage
225S Shantinagar Bus Station Shantinagar Bus Station
226 K. R. Market Billakempanahalli
226A Kempegowda Bus Station Hampapura
226B K. R. Market Hampapura
226C K. R. Market Thimmappana Palya
226E K. R. Market Channegowdana Doddi
226F K. R. Market Bidadi
226G Shivajinagar Bidadi
226H Banashankari Bidadi
226K K. R. Market Shanumangala
226L K. R. Market Hakki Pikki Colony
226M K. R. Market Bidadi
226N Kempegowda Bus Station Bidadi
226P K. R. Market Karenahalli
226Q Kempegowda Bus Station Bidadi
226R K. R. Market Parasanapalya
226S K. R. Market Anchipura Colony
226T K. R. Market Talaguppe
226U K. R. Market Kenchanaguppe
226VA K. R. Market M. Gopahalli
226VB K. R. Market Annahalli
227 K. R. Market Ramohalli
227A K. R. Market Maayasandra
227B K. R. Market Tavare Kere
227C K. R. Market Beemanakuppe
227E K. R. Market Huluvenahalli
227F K. R. Market Chikkanahalli
227J K. R. Market Malligondanahalli
227K K. R. Market Basammanahalli
227L K. R. Market Alammana Palya
227M K. R. Market Magadi
227N K. R. Market Punugumaranahalli
227NA K. R. Market Madapatna
227Q K. R. Market Doddamaranahalli
227R K. R. Market Byalalu Janatha Colony
227RC K. R. Market Chandrappa Circle
227T K. R. Market CK Thandya
227U K. R. Market Hagalahalli
227V K. R. Market Hagalahalli
227W K. R. Market Avarehalli
227Z K. R. Market Sugganahalli
228 K. R. Market Gonipura
228A K. R. Market Parasanapalya
228B K. R. Market Thittahalli
228C K. R. Market Dodda Kuntanahalli
228E K. R. Market Thippuru
228F K. R. Market Chikkakuntanahalli
228G K. R. Market Kenchanapalya
228H Kempegowda Bus Station Thippuru
228J Kempegowda Bus Station Srinivasapura
228K Kempegowda Bus Station Bidadi
229 Kempegowda Bus Station Gaviyana Palya
229A K. R. Market Gaviyana Palya
229D K. R. Market Kaggalipura
229D K. R. Market Kaggalipura
230 K. R. Market Byrohalli
230A K. R. Market Bettana Palya
230B Kempegowda Bus Station Bettana Palya
230B-SBS Shivajinagar Bettana Palya
231 K. R. Market Mayasandra
231A K. R. Market Avaregere
231B K. R. Market Bannikuppe
231C K. R. Market Muthurayanagudi Palya
231D K. R. Market Bethimgere
231E K. R. Market Ganakkal
231F K. R. Market Kakaramana Halli
231G K. R. Market Kempadyapana Halli
231H K. R. Market Devalingaiah Palya
231J K. R. Market Guddadahalli Dinne
231K K. R. Market Bidadi
231L Kempegowda Bus Station Ganakkal
231M Kempegowda Bus Station Bidadi
231P K. R. Market Bidadi
234 K. R. Market Manganahalli
234A K. R. Market Ullala Upanagar
234C Kempegowda Bus Station Manganahalli
234D K. R. Market Upkar Residency Layout
234E Kempegowda Bus Station Ullala Upanagar
234F Shivajinagar AGS Layout, Manganahalli
235 Kempegowda Bus Station Bangalore University
235A K. R. Market Nagarbhavi Village
235AA K. R. Market Bangalore University ADM Block
235B Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkanahalli
235D Kempegowda Bus Station Sulikere
235E Kempegowda Bus Station Papareddy Palya
235F Kempegowda Bus Station Sports Authority of India
235H Jayanagar 9th Block Bande Maramma Bus Stand
235J Yeshwantpur Bharath Co-operative Society Layout
235K Kempegowda Bus Station Doddabasthi
235L K. R. Market ITI Layout, Mallathahalli
235L K. R. Market Jnana Jyothi Nagar 2nd Phase
235M K. R. Market ITI Layout, Mallathahalli
235P Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkanahalli
235Q Kempegowda Bus Station Maruthi Nagar
235R K. R. Market Upkar Residency Layout
237 K. R. Market Panchasheela Nagar
237A Kempegowda Bus Station Panchasheela Nagar
237C Shivajinagar Bande Maramma Bus Stand
237D Chowdeshwari Bus Stand, Mathikere Bande Maramma Bus Stand
237J Jayanagar 9th Block Bande Maramma Bus Stand
238 Kempegowda Bus Station Nrupatunga Nagar
238A Kempegowda Bus Station Chandra Layout 1st Stage
238AB Kempegowda Bus Station ITI Layout
238B Kempegowda Bus Station Nrupatunga Nagar
238C Kempegowda Bus Station Bande Maramma Bus Stand
238D Shivajinagar Nagarbhavi 1st Stage
238F Malleshwaram 18th Cross Nagarbhavi 1st Stage
238G Malleshwaram 18th Cross Nrupatunga Nagar
238H K. R. Market Tavare Kere
238K K. R. Market Bande Maramma Bus Stand
238L Kempegowda Bus Station Nrupatunga Nagar
238S K. R. Market Annapoorneshwari Nagar
238U Kempegowda Bus Station Bangalore University ADM Block
238UB Kempegowda Bus Station Bydarahalli
238V Kempegowda Bus Station Ambedkar College Circle
238VA Shivajinagar Bande Maramma Bus Stand
238W Kempegowda Bus Station Narasipura
238Z Shivajinagar Nagemane
238ZA Kempegowda Bus Station Ullala Upanagar
240 K. R. Market Machohalli
240A Shivajinagar Machohalli
240BA K. R. Market Maruthi Markandeyanagar
240C K. R. Market Kachohalli
240D Kempegowda Bus Station Gollarahatti
240DA Kempegowda Bus Station Kottigepalya
240E K. R. Market Bylakonenahalli
240F K. R. Market Madanayakanahalli
240G K. R. Market Nagarahole Nagar
240H Kempegowda Bus Station G. Hosahalli
240J K. R. Market Chikkamaskal
240K K. R. Market Biskur
240P Jayanagar 9th Block Machohalli
240R Kempegowda Bus Station Kachohalli
241 Kempegowda Bus Station Kenchanapura
241A K. R. Market Ullala Upanagar
241B Kempegowda Bus Station Kenchanapura
241C K. R. Market Yale Kodigehalli
241CB Kempegowda Bus Station Yale Kodigehalli
241CJ K. R. Market Gnanashakti Nagar
241CN K. R. Market Ashraya Badavane
241D Kempegowda Bus Station Brahma Devara Gutte
241E K. R. Market Lakshmaiah Badavane
241G K. R. Market Seegehalli
241H Kempegowda Bus Station Madeshwara Nagar
241K K. R. Market Sulikere
241L Shivajinagar Kenchanapura
241M K. R. Market Savanadurga
241N K. R. Market Brahma Devara Gutte
241P Shivajinagar Kannalli
241Q Shivajinagar Madeshwara Nagar
241S Shivajinagar Ullala Upanagar
242 K. R. Market Tavare Kere
242E K. R. Market Cholanayakanahalli
242H K. R. Market Madapatna
242J K. R. Market Doddamaranahalli
242JA Shivajinagar Ganakkal
242JK K. R. Market Karekal Palya
242L K. R. Market Manchenahalli
242N K. R. Market Giddenahalli
242P K. R. Market Huluvenahalli
242Q K. R. Market Ganagenahalli
242R K. R. Market Jogerahalli
242T Kempegowda Bus Station Hunnigere
242TA K. R. Market Mantanakurchi
242TB K. R. Market Kanuvanahalli
242TD K. R. Market Banasavadi
242U K. R. Market Lakshmipura
242VC K. R. Market Bidadi
242W K. R. Market Annekaranahalli
242X Kempegowda Bus Station Dodderi Grama
242Y K. R. Market Aralimarada Palya
242ZB K. R. Market Kallur
243 K. R. Market Andrahalli
243A K. R. Market Upkar Residency Layout
243B K. R. Market Thigalarapalya
243C K. R. Market Thigalarapalya
243D Kempegowda Bus Station Thigalarapalya
243F Kempegowda Bus Station Muddanapalya
243G K. R. Market Thigalarapalya
243H Shivajinagar Thigalarapalya
243J Kempegowda Bus Station Bhavani Nagar 2nd Stage
243K Shivajinagar Herohalli
243L Kempegowda Bus Station Lingadeeranahalli
243M K. R. Market Sripathi Halli
244A K. R. Market Bande Maramma Bus Station
244C Kempegowda Bus Station Nagarabhavi 9th Block
244F Kempegowda Bus Station D Group Employees Layout
244G Shivajinagar Papareddy Palya
244H Kempegowda Bus Station Nagarabhavi 11th Block
244K Kempegowda Bus Station Nagarabhavi 9th Block
245 K. R. Market Ravuthanahalli
245A K. R. Market Nelamangala
245AA Kengeri Madanayakanahalli
245B K. R. Market Sondekoppa
245C K. R. Market Kadabagere
245D K. R. Market Bettahalli
245DA K. R. Market Vaddarahalli
245E K. R. Market Kittanahalli
245GA Kempegowda Bus Station Kadabagere
245H K. R. Market Nelamangala
245J Kempegowda Bus Station Kittanahalli
245K Kempegowda Bus Station Avarehalli
245M Kempegowda Bus Station Vaddarahalli
245MA Kempegowda Bus Station Kammasandra
245N Shivajinagar Janapriya Township
245P Shivajinagar Vaddarahalli
245Q Kempegowda Bus Station Bettahalli
245R Shivajinagar Kittanahalli
245TC Kadabagere Gate Madanayakanahalli
246 Kempegowda Bus Station Annapoorneshwari Nagar
246A Shivajinagar Annapoorneshwari Nagar
246B Kempegowda Bus Station D Group Employees Layout
247 K. R. Market KG Lakkenahalli
248 K. R. Market Jalahalli Cross
248AN K. R. Market Nelamangala
248B Hampinagar Chikkabanavara
248BA MCTC Hesaraghatta
248C K. R. Market Rajagopala Nagar Rajni Farms
248D Bharath Nagar Vidyaranyapura
248F K. R. Market Karim Sab Layout
248G Magadi Road Tollgate Jalahalli Cross
248J Kempegowda Bus Station Vinayaka Nagar
248K BEML Layout 5th Stage MEI Layout
248L K. R. Market Sheshadri Nagar
248M BEML Layout 5th Stage Thammenahalli Palya
248N MCTC Chikkabanavara
248P MCTC Thammenahalli
248F K. R. Market Kakolu
248R K. R. Market Jalahalli Cross
248T K. R. Market Kirloskar Badavane
248U K. R. Market KRS Gowda Layout
248V K. R. Market Shettihalli
248Z MCTC Kanasawadi Madhure Temple
250 K. R. Market Chikkabanavara
250A K. R. Market Bagalagunte Village
250AA K. R. Market Medarahalli Railway Station
250AB Kempegowda Bus Station Medarahalli Railway Station
250AC Yeshwantpur Chikkabanavara
250B Kempegowda Bus Station Thammenahalli
250C Kempegowda Bus Station Bagalagunte
250CA Kempegowda Bus Station Sahyadribalaga Layout
250CB Kempegowda Bus Station Mallasandra Bagalagunte
250D Kempegowda Bus Station Ghanigarahalli
250H Kempegowda Bus Station Chimani Hills
250M Kempegowda Bus Station MEI Layout
250N Shivajinagar MEI Layout
250P Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkabanavara
250S Kempegowda Bus Station Geleyara Balaga
250SA Kempegowda Bus Station Kudhurgere Madhanayakanahalli
250W Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkabanavara
250Y Kempegowda Bus Station Kudhurgere Madhanayakanahalli
250YA Kempegowda Bus Station Meenakshi Layout
250Z Kempegowda Bus Station Achyutha Nagar
251 K. R. Market Shivakote
251A K. R. Market Kakolu
251B Kempegowda Bus Station Rajanukunte
251C Shivajinagar Laggere
251D K. R. Market Rajeev Gandhi Nagar
251E K. R. Market Laggere
251G K. R. Market Muthkuru
252 Kempegowda Bus Station Peenya 2nd Stage
252A Shivajinagar Peenya 2nd Stage
252D Kempegowda Bus Station Rajani Farm
252E Kempegowda Bus Station Laggere
252F Kempegowda Bus Station Peenya 2nd Stage
252FA Kempegowda Bus Station Thigalarapalya
252FB Kempegowda Bus Station Thigalarapalya
252GA Yeshwantpur Andrahalli
252H Kempegowda Bus Station Laggere
252J Bhoopasandra Peenya 2nd Stage
252K Shivajinagar Karim Saab Layout
252L Bandireddy Circle Peenya 2nd Stage
252N Jeevanahalli Peenya 2nd Stage
252PS Kempegowda Bus Station Peenya Satellite Bus Station
252R Kempegowda Bus Station Indira Priyadarshini Nagar
252RA Kempegowda Bus Station Annapurna Nagar
252V Kempegowda Bus Station Peenya 2nd Stage
253 K. R. Market Hesaraghatta
253A K. R. Market Byatha
253C Shivajinagar Hesaraghatta
253D K. R. Market Thore Nagasandra
253E K. R. Market Railway Gollahalli
253F K. R. Market Kallodu
253G K. R. Market Kanasawadi Madhure Temple
253H K. R. Market Muppadighatta
253HA K. R. Market Mallohalli Palya
253HC K. R. Market Hadripura
253J Kempegowda Bus Station Hesaraghatta
253K K. R. Market Kanasawadi Madhure Temple
253L MCTC Doddaballapur
253M Kempegowda Bus Station Thotagere
253N K. R. Market Kodihalli Hesaraghatta Road
253P K. R. Market Hosahalli Palya
253R Kempegowda Bus Station Railway Gollahalli
253T Shivajinagar Kanasawadi Madhure Temple
253V Kempegowda Bus Station Railway Gollahalli
253W K. R. Market Thammarasanahalli
254 K. R. Market Mavallipura
254A K. R. Market Kasaghattapura
254B K. R. Market Kumbharahalli
254C K. R. Market Kalathammanahalli
254D K. R. Market Kempapura
254E K. R. Market Kempapura
255 K. R. Market Matthahalli
255A K. R. Market Huskur
255AA Kempegowda Bus Station Matthahalli
255AC Yeshwantpur Vaderahalli
255B K. R. Market Nagaroor
255C K. R. Market Pillahalli
255D Kempegowda Bus Station Huskur
255E K. R. Market Narasipura
255F K. R. Market Bylanjaneya Temple
255H K. R. Market Govindapura
255J K. R. Market Honnasandra
255K Shivajinagar Nelamangala
255KA Kempegowda Bus Station Sashiveghatta
255L Yeshwantpur Yeshwantpur
255N Kengeri Narasipura
256B K. R. Market Gejjagadahalli
256C Kempegowda Bus Station Thippenahalli Anjaneya Temple
256F Nelamangala Peenya 2nd Stage
256M K. R. Market Marikuppe
256MA Kempegowda Bus Station Tore Hosahalli
256MB K. R. Market Motaganahalli
257 K. R. Market Aluru
257A K. R. Market Haro Kyatanahalli
257B K. R. Market Madavara
257C Kempegowda Bus Station Anchepalya
257D K. R. Market Kuduregere
257E Kempegowda Bus Station Aluru Palya
257G Kempegowda Bus Station Adakimaranahalli
258 K. R. Market Nelamangala
258A K. R. Market Machanayakanahalli
258C Kempegowda Bus Station Nelamangala
258CB Yeshwantpur Nelamangala
258CC Kempegowda Bus Station Nelamangala
258E K. R. Market Mylanahalli
258G K. R. Market Guruvanahalli
258GA K. R. Market Bommashetti Halli
258K K. R. Market Yentaganahalli
258KA K. R. Market Kannasandra
258M K. R. Market Thyamagondlu
258MA K. R. Market Jakkanahalli
258P K. R. Market Kanegowdanahalli
258Q K. R. Market Hunnigere
258QA Kempegowda Bus Station Mantanakurchi
258R K. R. Market Honnasandra
258S K. R. Market Ramadevanahalli
258SA K. R. Market Vajrakatte Palya
258SD Kempegowda Bus Station Bhyaranayakanahalli College
258TA Kempegowda Bus Station Kannamangala
258TC Kempegowda Bus Station Nagenahalli
258U Kempegowda Bus Station Gorinabele
258V K. R. Market Goravanahalli
258VA Kempegowda Bus Station Madalakote
258VB Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkamaranahalli
258VD Kempegowda Bus Station Hemapura
258VF Kempegowda Bus Station Yennigere
258VG Kempegowda Bus Station Bittasandra
258WA Kempegowda Bus Station Jodi Ragi Thimmasandra
258X Muthyala Nagar Nelamangala
258Y K. R. Market Mallara Banavadi
258YA Kempegowda Bus Station Hanchipura
259B Kempegowda Bus Station Dodda Bidarakallu
263 K. R. Market Kammasandra
263A K. R. Market Thippenahalli
263C K. R. Market Kadirenahalli Village
263D K. R. Market KRS Gowda Layout
263E K. R. Market Channa Nayakanapalya
263G Kempegowda Bus Station Gangondanahalli
263H Kempegowda Bus Station Dodda Bidarakallu
263J K. R. Market Nagasandra
264 Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
264A Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
265 Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
265A Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
265B Kempegowda Bus Station Thigalarapalya
265D Kempegowda Bus Station Vigneshwara Nagar
265E Kempegowda Bus Station Matthathalli
265F Kempegowda Bus Station Peenya 2nd Stage
266 K. R. Market Hesaraghatta
266A K. R. Market Linganahalli
266B K. R. Market Mylappanahalli
266C K. R. Market Kakolu
266D K. R. Market Hesaraghatta
266E K. R. Market Madhugirihalli
266F K. R. Market Guni Agrahara
266G K. R. Market Muttugadahalli
266H Kempegowda Bus Station Marasandra Circle
266J Kempegowda Bus Station Muthkur
266K K. R. Market Madappanahalli
266M K. R. Market Kondashettihalli
266N K. R. Market Shamarajapura
266NA Kempegowda Bus Station Ambabhavani Nagar
266Q K. R. Market Kanshiram Nagar
266R K. R. Market Rainbow Layout
266T Kempegowda Bus Station Lakshmipura
267 K. R. Market Laggere
267A Kempegowda Bus Station Laggere
267B Shivajinagar Laggere
267C K. R. Market Rajeev Gandhi Nagar
268 K. R. Market Yelahanka
269 Kempegowda Bus Station Ramachandrapura
269A K. R. Market Ramachandrapura
269B K. R. Market Vidyaranyapura
270 Shivajinagar Achepalya
270A Shivajinagar Jalahalli Cross
270D Shivajinagar Abbigere Village
270E Shivajinagar Muthyala Nagar
270H J. P. Nagar 6th Phase HMT Auditorium
270M Marappa Garden Peenya 2nd Stage
270S Shivajinagar Shetty Halli
271 Kempegowda Bus Station Jalahalli East
271A Kempegowda Bus Station Abbigere Village
271B Kempegowda Bus Station Kuvempu Nagara 2nd Stage
271C Kempegowda Bus Station Singapura
271D Kempegowda Bus Station Jalahalli Village
271E Kempegowda Bus Station Veerasagara
271F K. R. Market Chikkabanavara
271G Kempegowda Bus Station Somashettihalli
271H Kempegowda Bus Station Yelahanka New Town
271K Kempegowda Bus Station Muthyala Nagar
271N K. R. Market Janapriya Apartments
271P Kempegowda Bus Station Raghavendra Colony
271Q Yeshwantpur Yeshwantpur
271T Kempegowda Bus Station Janapriya Greenwood Apartments
273 Kempegowda Bus Station Peenya 2nd Stage
273B Kempegowda Bus Station Medarahalli Railway Cross
273C Kempegowda Bus Station Jalahalli Cross
273E K. R. Market Shetti Halli
273F Kempegowda Bus Station Peenya 2nd Stage
273H Kempegowda Bus Station Sharada Nagar
273J Kempegowda Bus Station Vishweshwaraiah Enclave
275 K. R. Market ISRO Quarters
275A Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
275B Kempegowda Bus Station Kempegowda Bus Station
275C Kempegowda Bus Station ISRO Quarters
275E Kempegowda Bus Station ISRO Quarters
276 Kempegowda Bus Station Vidyaranyapura
276A Shivajinagar Vidyaranyapura
276B Shantinagar Bus Station Vidyaranyapura
276C Kempegowda Bus Station Lottegollahalli
276D K. R. Market Lottegollahalli
276E K. R. Market Vidyaranyapura
276K Kempegowda Bus Station Tata Nagar
276P Kempegowda Bus Station Lottegollahalli
277 Kempegowda Bus Station GKVK Library
278 Shivajinagar Nagashetty Halli
278A Shivajinagar Tata Nagar
278B Jeevanbheemanagar Nagashetty Halli
278E Shivajinagar Hebbal
278K Shivajinagar Patelappa Layout
279 Kempegowda Bus Station Nagashetty Halli
279A K. R. Market Hebbal
279C Kempegowda Bus Station Tata Nagar
279F Chikkalasandra Bhoopasandra
279H Kempegowda Bus Station Bhoopasandra
279K Kempegowda Bus Station Patelappa Layout
280 K. R. Market Bellahalli
280A K. R. Market Agrahara Layout
280C K. R. Market Maruthi Nagar
280E K. R. Market Kannuru
280F Yelahanka Hoskote
280K Kempegowda Bus Station Mitaganahalli
280L Kempegowda Bus Station Yarappanahalli
280M K. R. Market Sampigehalli
281 K. R. Market Mylanahalli
281A Kempegowda Bus Station BSF
281C Kempegowda Bus Station IAF
281F Kempegowda Bus Station Mylanahalli
281G Kempegowda Bus Station Bande Kodigehalli
282 K. R. Market Huttanahalli
282A K. R. Market Hosahalli
282B K. R. Market Meesaganahalli
282C K. R. Market Razak Palya
282D Kempegowda Bus Station Billamaranahalli
282F Kempegowda Bus Station Maranayakanahalli
282G Kempegowda Bus Station Kodagalahatti
282H Shivajinagar Kolipura Uttanahalli
283 K. R. Market Bettahalasoor
283A K. R. Market Sughatta
283B K. R. Market Kuduregere
283D Kempegowda Bus Station Kuduregere
283E K. R. Market Thara Hunise
284 Kempegowda Bus Station Yelahanka
284A Kempegowda Bus Station Yelahanka New Town
284B Shivajinagar Yelahanka New Town
284C Kempegowda Bus Station Judicial Layout
284D Kempegowda Bus Station Yelahanka New Town
284E Kempegowda Bus Station Allalasandra
284G Shivajinagar Kendriya Vihara
284H Girinagar Yelahanka
284J Kempegowda Bus Station Kendriya Vihara
284JJ Kundana Devanahalli Yelahanka
285 K. R. Market Thara Hunise
285C K. R. Market Dodda Tumkur
285CA K. R. Market Jinke Bachahalli
285CB K. R. Market Kakkehalli
285CC K. R. Market Chikka Tumkur
285E K. R. Market Kakolu
285F K. R. Market Gowdahalli
285G K. R. Market Budamanahalli
285J K. R. Market Jalige
285JC K. R. Market Pandithapura
285KA K. R. Market Bettenahalli
285L K. R. Market Byatha
285M Kempegowda Bus Station Doddaballapur
285MG K. R. Market Bannimangala
285MK K. R. Market Doddaballapur
285P K. R. Market Bettanahalli
285R K. R. Market Chellahalli
285RA K. R. Market Haniyur
285RB K. R. Market Kanasawadi Madhure Temple
285W K. R. Market Dibburu
285X K. R. Market Dibburu
286 K. R. Market Jakkur
286A K. R. Market Jakkur Layout
286AA Kempegowda Bus Station Jakkur Layout
286B K. R. Market Chokkanahalli
286D K. R. Market Srirampura
286E K. R. Market Venkateshwara Nagar
286F Kempegowda Bus Station K. Narayanpura
286G Kempegowda Bus Station Jakkur
286H Shivajinagar Jakkur Layout
287A Shivajinagar Hebbal
287C K. R. Market Kempapura
287D K. R. Market Vishwanatha Nagenahalli
287F Shivajinagar Chamundi Nagar
287H K. R. Market Veerannapalya
287J Kempegowda Bus Station Vishwanatha Nagenahalli
287JA K. R. Market Amruth Nagar
287K Shivajinagar Ramakrishna Hegde Nagar
287L Kempegowda Bus Station Dasarahalli
287M Konanakunte Hebbal
287N Shivajinagar Vishwanatha Nagenahalli
287P Shivajinagar Chamundi Nagar
287Q Shivajinagar Bhoopasandra
287R Shivajinagar Tata Nagar
287RA Kempegowda Bus Station Tata Nagar
287T K. R. Market Dasarahalli
288 K. R. Market Thindlu
288A Shivajinagar Kodigehalli
288B K. R. Market Thindlu
288C K. R. Market Kodigehalli
288D Kempegowda Bus Station Kodigehalli
288E Shivajinagar Vidyaranyapura
288F Kempegowda Bus Station Sahakar Nagar
288G Kempegowda Bus Station Kodigehalli Canara Bank Colony
288H Kempegowda Bus Station Thindlu
288M Kempegowda Bus Station Vidyaranyapura
289 K. R. Market Bagalur
289A Yelahanka Bagalur
289AB Yelahanka Byalahalli
289B K. R. Market Kadayarpanahalli
289C K. R. Market Hoovinayakanahalli
289CA Yelahanka Hoovinayakanahalli
289D Yelahanka Hoskote
289E K. R. Market Chokkanahalli
289F Yelahanka Hoskote
289H Yelahanka Hoskote
289K K. R. Market Kadayarapanahalli
289L Yelahanka MVJ Medical Hospital
289LA Yelahanka Hoskote
289M Kempegowda Bus Station Beguru
289P Yelahanka Hunasooru
289Z Kempegowda Bus Station Bandi Kodigehalli
290 Shivajinagar Thanisandra
290A Shivajinagar Rachenahalli
290B Kempegowda Bus Station Thanisandra
290C Shivajinagar Nagavara
290D Kempegowda Bus Station Shampura
290E Shivajinagar Yelahanka
290F Shivajinagar Agrahara Layout
290H Shivajinagar Railway Gate Shampura
290J Kempegowda Bus Station Mestripalya
290K Shivajinagar Ambedkar Medical College, Shampura
290L Shivajinagar HBR Layout 1st Stage
290N K. R. Market Thanisandra
290Q Neelasandra Ramakrishna Hegde Nagar
290R K. R. Market Razak Palya
290RA K. R. Market Vidyanagar Cross
290S Shivajinagar Venkateshwara Nagar
290T K. R. Market H Tippunagar
290Z Shivajinagar Maylanahalli
291 K. R. Market Dasarahalli
291A K. R. Market Agrahara Layout
291B K. R. Market Rachenahalli
291C MCTC Ramakrishna Hegde Nagar
291D Shivajinagar Yelahanka
291E K. R. Market Ambedkar Medical College
291G Shivajinagar Govinda Pura
291H Kempegowda Bus Station Ramakrishna Hegde Nagar
291J K. R. Market Ramakrishna Hegde Nagar
291JA K. R. Market Yelahanka 5th Stage
291L Shivajinagar Maylanahalli
291M Kempegowda Bus Station Govinda Pura
291N K. R. Market Govinda Pura
291P Shivajinagar Yelahanka
291N Jagajeevanaram Nagar Govinda Pura
292 K. R. Market Nagenahalli
292B Kempegowda Bus Station Nagenahalli
292C Kempegowda Bus Station K. Narayanapura
292D Shivajinagar Nagenahalli
292E Kempegowda Bus Station Nagaresha Nagenahalli
293 K. R. Market Razak Palya
293A K. R. Market Horamavu Agara
293B K. R. Market Kada Agrahara
293C K. R. Market K. Narayanapura
293D K. R. Market Singahalli
293E K. R. Market Muttugada Halli
293F K. R. Market Hunasooru
293G K. R. Market Yarappanahalli
293H Kempegowda Bus Station Dasanayakanahalli
293J K. R. Market Marasandra
293K K. R. Market Mylanahalli
293L K. R. Market Yarappana Bande
293M K. R. Market Byala Halli
293N Shivajinagar K. Narayanapura
293P Shivajinagar Marenahalli Bande
293R Shivajinagar Chikkajala
293S Kempegowda Bus Station Bagaluru
294 K. R. Market Bileshivale
294A K. R. Market Kada Sonappanahalli
294B Kempegowda Bus Station Jyothi Nagar
294C Shivajinagar Jyothi Nagar
294D K. R. Market Anagalipura
294E Kempegowda Bus Station Bileshivale
294F Kempegowda Bus Station Rampura
294H Shivajinagar Rampura
295 K. R. Market Dodda Gubbi
295A Kempegowda Bus Station Dodda Gubbi
295B Kempegowda Bus Station Anagalipura
295C Shivajinagar Dodda Gubbi
295D Shivajinagar Yarappana Bande
295E Kempegowda Bus Station Bande Bommasandra
296A Kempegowda Bus Station Yarappanahalli
296B Kempegowda Bus Station HBR Layout 5th Block
296C Kempegowda Bus Station Kalyana Nagar
296D Shivajinagar HBR Layout
296E Shivajinagar Kammanahalli
296F Kempegowda Bus Station Marasandra
296K Shivajinagar Yelahanka 5th Phase
296N Kempegowda Bus Station Kada Agrahara
296Q Shivajinagar HBR Layout 1st Stage
296T Kempegowda Bus Station HBR Layout 1st Stage
296V Kempegowda Bus Station HBR Layout BDA Complex
297 K. R. Market Neraganahalli
297A K. R. Market Indrasanahalli
297B K. R. Market Devaganahalli
297F K. R. Market Bhovipalya
297G Yelahanka Doddacheemanahalli
297H K. R. Market Hegganahalli
297M Doddaballapur Devanahalli
298A K. R. Market Uganawadi
298B K. R. Market Baichapura
298C K. R. Market Kempalinganapura
298E Yelahanka Kundana Devanahalli
298H Jayanagar 4th Block Devanahalli
298M Kempegowda Bus Station Devanahalli
298MA Kempegowda Bus Station Bommavara
298MB Kempegowda Bus Station Devanahalli
298MC Kempegowda Bus Station Koramangala Village
298ME Kempegowda Bus Station Devanahalli Govt Hospital
298MH Kempegowda Bus Station Karahalli Cross
298MK Kempegowda Bus Station Koyira Devanahalli Road
298MS Shivajinagar Devanahalli
298P Hoskote Devanahalli
298PA Hoskote Vijayapura
298PB Hoskote Vijayapura
298PC Hoskote Vijayapura
298PD K. R. Market Nalluru
298Y Kempegowda Bus Station Yeliyuru
299 K. R. Market Tharabanahalli
299E K. R. Market Gadenahalli
300 Shivajinagar Banaswadi
300A K. R. Market Channasandra
300B Kempegowda Bus Station Banaswadi
300C Kempegowda Bus Station K. R. Puram
300D Shivajinagar Channasandra
300E Shivajinagar K. R. Puram
300F Shivajinagar Ayyappa Nagar
300H Kempegowda Bus Station K. R. Puram
300J Kempegowda Bus Station Kasthuri Nagar
300K Shivajinagar Sadaramangala
300L Shivajinagar Kasthuri Nagar
300MB Marenahalli Channasandra
300P Shivajinagar Shanti Layout
300T Shivajinagar Nadavatthi
300V Hampi Nagar Shampura
301 K. R. Market K Channasandra
301A K. R. Market Banaswadi
301D Shivajinagar Hoskote
301E Shivajinagar K. R. Puram
301F Kempegowda Bus Station Thambuchetty Palya
301G Shivajinagar Kada Agrahara
301R Hebbal Naduvatthi Colony
302 Shivajinagar Kammanahalli
302A Kempegowda Bus Station Babusapalya
302B Kempegowda Bus Station Jalavayu Vihar
302C Shivajinagar Babusapalya
302D K. R. Market Kalyan Nagar
302E K. R. Market Chalkere
302F Kempegowda Bus Station Babusapalya
302G Shivajinagar Horamavu Agara
302GA Shivajinagar Babusapalya
302J Shivajinagar Chalkere
302K Kempegowda Bus Station Lingarajapuram KHB Colony
302M Shivajinagar Lingarajapuram KHB Colony
302N Kempegowda Bus Station Kalyan Nagar
303 K. R. Market Banaswadi
303A Kempegowda Bus Station Jayanthi Nagar
303B K. R. Market Horamavu petrol bunk
303C Shivajinagar Kalyan Nagar
303D Kempegowda Bus Station Horamavu petrol bunk
303E K. R. Market Horamavu
303F Shivajinagar Mariyamma Layout
303G Shivajinagar Om Shakti Temple
304 K. R. Market Arehalli
304A K. R. Market Garudachar Palya
304B Kempegowda Bus Station Hoodi
304C K. R. Market Channasandra
304D Shivajinagar Medi Mallasandra
304E K. R. Market Kallukunte Agrahara
304F K. R. Market AECS Layout
304H Kempegowda Bus Station Arehalli
304J Kempegowda Bus Station Kallukunte Agrahara
304L Kempegowda Bus Station Medi Mallasandra
304M K. R. Market Alambadi
304N K. R. Market Anugondanahalli
304NA K. R. Market Obalapura
304P K. R. Market Yattukodi
304Q K. R. Market Ganagaluru
304R Kempegowda Bus Station Bacche Gowda Badavane
304S Shivajinagar Kalkunte Agrahara
304T K. R. Market Dunnasandra Cross
304V K. R. Market Chikka Tirupati
304Z Kempegowda Bus Station Chikka Tirupati
305 K. R. Market Nadavatthi
305A K. R. Market Bhaktharahalli
305B K. R. Market Makanahalli
305D Kempegowda Bus Station Channasandra
305F K. R. Market Nadavatthi Colony
305G K. R. Market Devashettyhalli
305H Shivajinagar Nadavatthi Colony
305J K. R. Market Hoskote
305K Shivajinagar Kattiganahalli
305L Kempegowda Bus Station Vaghata
305M Kempegowda Bus Station Tharabana Halli
305N K. R. Market Kattiganahalli
305NT Tin Factory Kattiganahalli
305P K. R. Market Bommana Bande
305Q Kempegowda Bus Station Pichguntarahalli
305R K. R. Market Dodda Dasarahalli
305S Kempegowda Bus Station Soukhya Hospital
305V Kempegowda Bus Station Devalapura
306 K. R. Market Devanagundi
306A K. R. Market Lingadira Mallasandra
306B K. R. Market Thindlu
306C K. R. Market Kanekallu
306D Kempegowda Bus Station Devanagundi
306E K. R. Market Narayankere
306F K. R. Market Banarahalli
306G K. R. Market Somalapura
306H K. R. Market Handenahalli
306J K. R. Market Domlur
306K K. R. Market Hosahalli
306L K. R. Market Marasandra
306M K. R. Market Lakkur Pura
306MA Tin Factory Jayamangala
306P K. R. Market Harsnahalli
306Q Shivajinagar Devanagundi
306RA HAL Devanagundi
306S K. R. Market Paramanahalli
306T K. R. Market Banarahalli
307 K. R. Market Rampura
307B K. R. Market Kadugodi
307C K. R. Market Doddabannahalli
308 K. R. Market Gunduru Colony
308A Kempegowda Bus Station Marasandra
308B K. R. Market Marasandra
309 Kempegowda Bus Station DRDO Township
310 Shivajinagar K. R. Puram
310A Shivajinagar A. Narayanapura
310B Shivajinagar Basavanapura
310C Shivajinagar Udayanagar
310E Shivajinagar Kittaganur
311 Shivajinagar K. R. Puram
311C Shivajinagar Mini Tajmahal
311E Shivajinagar Ayyappa Nagar
311F Shivajinagar K. R. Puram
311J Shivajinagar Sigehalli
311K Shivajinagar Kadugodi Ayyappa Temple
312 Shivajinagar Kittaganur
312A Shivajinagar Maragondanahalli
313A K. R. Market Maragondanahalli
313B K. R. Market Vijanapura
313C K. R. Market A. Narayanapura
313D K. R. Market K. R. Puram
313E K. R. Market Kadugodi Ayyappa Temple
313F K. R. Market Rampura
313G K. R. Market Gayatri Layout
313J K. R. Market Jinke Thimmanahalli
313K K. R. Market Ayyappa Nagar
313L K. R. Market Ramamurthy Nagar
313P K. R. Market Shanthi Layout
313T K. R. Market Thambuchetty Palya
313U K. R. Market Varanasi
314 Shivajinagar Nagavarapalya
314A Shivajinagar DRDO 2nd Phase
314B Kempegowda Bus Station CV Raman Nagar
314BM Kempegowda Bus Station Mallesh Palya
314C K. R. Market Nagavarapalya
314D Kempegowda Bus Station Mallesh Palya
314E Kempegowda Bus Station DRDO 2nd Phase
314FA K. R. Market Mallesh Palya
314G K. R. Market Byrasandra
314H Kempegowda Bus Station Mallesh Palya
314K Chennamanakere Acchukattu CV Raman Nagar
314M Banashankari Mallesh Palya
314N Shivajinagar Vibhuthipura
314P Shivajinagar Jagadeesha Nagar
314T Kempegowda Bus Station Basavanagara
314X Kempegowda Bus Station Abbaiah Layout
315 Kempegowda Bus Station K. R. Puram
315C Kempegowda Bus Station Krishnaiahana Palya
315D Kempegowda Bus Station Kalkere
315DN Kempegowda Bus Station NRI Layout
315E Kempegowda Bus Station Sadaramangala
315F Kempegowda Bus Station Sigehalli
315H Kempegowda Bus Station Mini Tajmahal
315J Kempegowda Bus Station Rampura
315K Kempegowda Bus Station K. R. Puram
315L Kempegowda Bus Station Ramamurthy Nagar
315P Kempegowda Bus Station Shanthi Layout
315T Kempegowda Bus Station Kittaganur
315U Kempegowda Bus Station Ramamurthy Nagar
315V Kempegowda Bus Station Kadugodi Ayyappa Temple
316 K. R. Market Budigere
316A K. R. Market Gangawara
316B Kempegowda Bus Station Budigere
316C K. R. Market Huskur
316D K. R. Market Bhattaramarenahalli
316E K. R. Market Hancharahalli
316F Kempegowda Bus Station Chimmasandra
316G Kempegowda Bus Station Mandooru
316J K. R. Market Kattugollahalli
316K K. R. Market Kaggalahalli
316L K. R. Market Chimmasandra
316M Kempegowda Bus Station Singahalli
316N K. R. Market Handrahalli
316Q K. R. Market Kaggalahalli
316R K. R. Market Bidalapura
316T K. R. Market Somathanahalli
316U K. R. Market Nallur
316V K. R. Market Bommenahalli
316Y K. R. Puram Devanahalli
317 K. R. Market Hoskote
317A Kempegowda Bus Station Hoskote
317B K. R. Market Kannamangala
317C K. R. Market Kannurahalli
317E K. R. Market Kumbalahalli
317G Shivajinagar Hoskote
317J K. R. Market Kacharakanahalli
317K K. R. Market Kurubarahalli
317MA K. R. Market Gottipura
317N K. R. Market Kamarasanahalli
317P K. R. Market Kannamangali
317S K. R. Market Beguru
317SA K. R. Market Dodda Nallurahalli
317T K. R. Market Vaghata
317W K. R. Market Ganagaluru
317Y K. R. Market Govindapura
317YA K. R. Market Kattiganahalli
317YD K. R. Market Doddathaggalli
317Z K. R. Market Kaji Hosahalli
318 K. R. Market Jyothipura
318A K. R. Market Bommenahalli
318E K. R. Market Thirumenahalli
319 K. R. Market Kaji Sonnenahalli
319B K. R. Market Chikka Banahalli
319C Kempegowda Bus Station Kadugodi
319E Ulsoor Hope Farm
319F Kempegowda Bus Station Pattandur Agrahara
319G Kempegowda Bus Station Ambedkar Nagar
319J K. R. Market Dinnur
319K Nandini Layout Kadugodi
320 Shivajinagar Immadihalli
320A Kempegowda Bus Station Nagagondanahalli
320B Kempegowda Bus Station Gandhipura
320C Shivajinagar Vaidehi Hospital
320D Vivek Nagar Kadugodi
320E Shivajinagar Nagagondanahalli
320H Shivajinagar Gandhipura
320J Hope Farm Hope Farm
321 K. R. Market Muthkuru
321C K. R. Market Samethanahalli
321D K. R. Market Naganayakana Kote
321E Shivajinagar Muthkuru
321G Kempegowda Bus Station Muthkuru
322 K. R. Market Muthugadahalli
322A Kempegowda Bus Station Tattanur
322C K. R. Market Channasandra
322E K. R. Market Arehalli
322M K. R. Market Tattanur
323 K. R. Market Baguru
323A K. R. Market Gonighattapura
323AK Kempegowda Bus Station Gonighattapura
323B K. R. Market Kugur Cross
323C K. R. Market Tatthanur
323D K. R. Market Koothaganahalli
323E K. R. Market Nerige
323F Kempegowda Bus Station Nerige
323G K. R. Market Ramanayakanahalli
323H K. R. Market Nekkundi Dommasandra
323J Shivajinagar Koothaganahalli
323L Shivajinagar Nerige
323M K. R. Market Kamanahalli
323N K. R. Market Kathruguppe
324 K. R. Market Immadihalli
324A K. R. Market Nagagondanahalli
324B K. R. Market Vinayaka Nagar
324C K. R. Market Hagadooru
324E K. R. Market Vijayanagar
325 K. R. Market Harohalli
325A Kempegowda Bus Station Harohalli
326C K. R. Market Kadugodi Ayyappa Temple
326E K. R. Market Hoskote
327 K. R. Market Gunjooru
327A Kempegowda Bus Station Dommasandra
327B K. R. Market Panathuru Dinne
327C K. R. Market Attibele
327D Kempegowda Bus Station Gunjooru
327E K. R. Market Gunjur Palya
327F K. R. Market Kodathi
327G Kempegowda Bus Station Kuguru
327H K. R. Market Kamanahalli
327K K. R. Market Sarjapura
328 K. R. Market Varthur
328A K. R. Puram Varthur
328C Hoskote Vaidehi Hospital
328E K. R. Market Harohalli
328F Kempegowda Bus Station Valepura
328G K. R. Market Halasahalli
328H Attibele Hoskote
328HA Anekal Kadugodi
328HB Attibele KR Puram Railway Station
328HC Attibele Hoskote
328HD Anekal Hoskote
328M Kempegowda Bus Station Madhura Nagar
329 K. R. Market Muthsandra
329A K. R. Market Madappanahalli
329B K. R. Market Janthagondanahalli
329C K. R. Market Koturu
329D Shivajinagar Muthsandra
329E K. R. Market Bellikere
329F K. R. Market Anugondanahalli
329G Shivajinagar Koturu
329H Kempegowda Bus Station Bellikere
329J Shivajinagar Singanayakanahalli
329L HAL Bellikere
329M HAL Muthsandra
330 Shivajinagar Marathahalli Bridge
330A Shivajinagar Lal Bahaddur Shasty Nagar
330B Shivajinagar AECS Layout
330C Shivajinagar Basavanagar
330D Shivajinagar Dodda Kannalli
330E Shivajinagar Devarabeesanahalli
330G Shivajinagar Doddanekundi
330H Shivajinagar Munnekolalu
330M Shivajinagar Ashwath Nagar
330P Shivajinagar Balagere
330PG Shivajinagar Gunjur
331 Shivajinagar Kadugodi
331A Shivajinagar Kadugodi
331B Shivajinagar Vaidehi Hospital
331E Shivajinagar Belathuru
331M Marappa Garden White Field
332 K. R. Market Balegere
333 Kempegowda Bus Station Marathahalli Bridge
333B Kempegowda Bus Station AECS Layout
333C Kempegowda Bus Station Basavanagar
333D Kempegowda Bus Station Chinnappanahalli
333E Kempegowda Bus Station Kadugodi
333F Kempegowda Bus Station Doddanekkundi
333H Kempegowda Bus Station Munnekolalu
333K Kempegowda Bus Station Ambedkar Nagar
333L Chandra Layout Kadugodi
333N Kempegowda Bus Station Basavanagar
333Q Kempegowda Bus Station Boganahalli
333T Nagarabhavi BDA Complex ITPL
334B K. R. Market B Nagasandra
334C Kempegowda Bus Station B Nagasandra
334D Kempegowda Bus Station Varthur
334E Domlur Hoskote
334EA Shivajinagar Hoskote
335 K. R. Market Sai Baba Hospital
335A Kempegowda Bus Station Kadugodi
335B K. R. Market Basavanagar
335C K. R. Market Lal Bahaddur Shastri Nagar
335D K. R. Market AECS Layout
335E Kempegowda Bus Station Kadugodi
335F Kempegowda Bus Station Lal Bahaddur Shastri Nagar
335H HAL Kadugodi
335HD HAL K. Dommasandra
335K K. R. Market Bisanahalli
335M Mahalakshmi Layout Kadugodi
335N Kengeri Kadugodi
336 K. R. Market Panathuru
336A K. R. Market Kempapura
336B Kempegowda Bus Station Kempapura
337 K. R. Market Doddanekundi
338 K. R. Market Munnekolalu
339A Shivajinagar Harohalli
340 K. R. Market Gunjur Palya
340A Kempegowda Bus Station HSR Layout 2nd Sector
340AA Kempegowda Bus Station Yellukunte
340F Shivajinagar Parangipalya
340G Kempegowda Bus Station HSR Layout BDA Complex
340J K. R. Market Huskur
340K K. R. Market Somasundarapalya
340L Kempegowda Bus Station Hosa Road
340T Kempegowda Bus Station Agara Junction
341 K. R. Market Bellandur
341A K. R. Market Haralur
341B K. R. Market Choodasandra
341C K. R. Market Kodandarama Nagar
341D Kempegowda Bus Station Bellandur
341E Kempegowda Bus Station Haralur
342 K. R. Market Kodandarama Nagar
342A K. R. Market Sarjapura
342B K. R. Market Muttanallur
342C K. R. Market Chokkasandra
342F Kempegowda Bus Station Sarjapura
342G K. R. Market Bikkana Hosahalli
342K K. R. Market Adigara Kallahalli
342M K. R. Market Chikka Tirupati
342MA K. R. Market Ganagaluru
342N K. R. Market Kommasandra
342Q K. R. Market Kodathi
342T K. R. Market Sollepura
342U K. R. Market Panditana Agrahara
342V K. R. Market Areneru
342W K. R. Market Chikka Dasarahalli
342WA Shantinagar Bus Station Ittuguru
342X K. R. Market Kada Agrahara
342Z K. R. Market Muttanahalli
343 K. R. Market Beguru
343A Kempegowda Bus Station Hullahalli
343B Kempegowda Bus Station Kodi Chikkanahalli
343D K. R. Market Kodi Chikkanahalli
343E Kempegowda Bus Station Beguru
343F K. R. Market Viratnagar Cross
343H K. R. Market Hongasandra Mico Layout
343K Kempegowda Bus Station Vishwapriya Layout
343L Kempegowda Bus Station Hongasandra Mico Layout
343M K. R. Market Mylasandra Cross
343N K. R. Market Beguru
344A K. R. Market Haragadde
344B Kempegowda Bus Station Bettadasanapura
344C K. R. Market Bettadasanapura
344D K. R. Market Bettadasanapura
344E K. R. Market Anekal
344F K. R. Market Podu
345 K. R. Market Hulimangala
345A K. R. Market Hulimangala
345C K. R. Market Nanjapura
345E K. R. Market Kyalasanahalli
346 K. R. Market Thimmareddy Layout
346A K. R. Market Shikaripalya
346B K. R. Market Dodda Nagamangala
346C Kempegowda Bus Station Rayasandra
346CA Central Silk Board Huskur
346CJ K. R. Market Karnataka Slum Development Board
346D K. R. Market Chikka Nagamangala
346E K. R. Market Dodda Thogooru
346F K. R. Market Jigani
346G K. R. Market Parappana Agrahara
346H Kempegowda Bus Station Parappana Agrahara
346J K. R. Market Bangalore Central Jail
346K K. R. Market Hulimangala
346M K. R. Market Gollahalli
346N Kempegowda Bus Station Dodda Thogooru
346P Shivajinagar Shikaripalya
346T K. R. Market Dodda Thogooru Muneshwara Temple
346V K. R. Market Dodda Nagamangala
347 K. R. Market Kudlu
347B Kempegowda Bus Station Kudlu
347C K. R. Market Chikka Begur
347D K. R. Market Somasundrapalya
347E Kempegowda Bus Station Somasundrapalya
347F Kempegowda Bus Station Central Jail
347G Shivajinagar Central Jail
347HD Kempegowda Bus Station Devendra Nagar
347K K. R. Market AECS
347L Kempegowda Bus Station Hosa Palya
347M K. R. Market Subhash Nagar
348 Kempegowda Bus Station Mangammana Palya
348A Kempegowda Bus Station Mangammana Palya
348B Kempegowda Bus Station Parangi Palya
348C Kempegowda Bus Station Somasundara Palya
348E Yeshwantpur RMC Mangammana Palya
348F Kempegowda Bus Station Parangi Palya
348G Kempegowda Bus Station Hosa Palya
348H Kempegowda Bus Station HSR 19th Main
348J Kempegowda Bus Station Mangammana Palya
348L K. R. Market Hosa Palya
349 K. R. Market Huskur
349A K. R. Market Handenahalli Gate
349B K. R. Market Gattahalli
349C Kempegowda Bus Station Huskur
349D K. R. Market Huskur
349E K. R. Market Chintala Madiwala
349J K. R. Market Harohalli
349K Shivajinagar Huskur
349L Kempegowda Bus Station Shanthipura
349M K. R. Market Kaggalipura
350 K. R. Market Adigondanahalli
350A K. R. Market Thirupalya
350B K. R. Market Muthanallur
350D K. R. Market Sampige
350E Kempegowda Bus Station Nanjapura
350G K. R. Market Bommasandra Industrial Area
350H K. R. Market Kamasandra
351 K. R. Market Narayana Ghatta
351A Kempegowda Bus Station Narayana Ghatta
351C K. R. Market Ramasagara
351H K. R. Market Singena Agrahara
351J Kempegowda Bus Station Handenahalli
351M Kempegowda Bus Station Mutthanallur
352 K. R. Market Hennagara
352A Kempegowda Bus Station Hennagara
352B Kempegowda Bus Station Mahadeshwara Layout
352E K. R. Market Hennagara
353 K. R. Market Ramakrishnapura
353A K. R. Market Rajapura
353B Huskur Jigani
352C Kempegowda Bus Station Jigani
353E K. R. Market Hinnakki
354 K. R. Market Shettihalli
354A K. R. Market Marasur
354B Kempegowda Bus Station Shettihalli
354C Kempegowda Bus Station Marasur
355 K. R. Market Srirampura
355A Kempegowda Bus Station Srirampura
355C Kempegowda Bus Station Jigani APC Circle
355D K. R. Puram Jigani APC Circle
355E Kempegowda Bus Station Bandenallasandra
355Q Kempegowda Bus Station Dyavasandra
356 Kempegowda Bus Station Chandapura
356A Kempegowda Bus Station Thataguppe
356B K. R. Market Karpoora
356C Kempegowda Bus Station Electronic City
356CA Kempegowda Bus Station Wipro Gate
356CB Kempegowda Bus Station Electronic City 2nd Phase
356CW HSR BDA Complex Electronic City Wipro Gate
356D Kempegowda Bus Station Ittina Neela Apartment
356E Kempegowda Bus Station Heelalige
356F K. R. Market Adu Sonnahatti
356H Kempegowda Bus Station Surya City
356J Yelahanka Satellite Town Electronic City
356M Kempegowda Bus Station Anekal
357 K. R. Market Bandapura Village
357A K. R. Market Madiwala Village Market
358 K. R. Market Mayasandra
358A Kempegowda Bus Station Samanduru
359 Kempegowda Bus Station Gudahatti
359A Kempegowda Bus Station Adigondanahalli
360 K. R. Market Attibele
360A K. R. Market Attibele
360B Kempegowda Bus Station Attibele
360C K. R. Market Ballur
360D K. R. Market Manchenahalli
360E K. R. Market Bidaraguppa
360H K. R. Market Kodalipura
360J Kempegowda Bus Station Handenahalli
360K Kempegowda Bus Station Attibele
360M K. R. Market Adigondanahalli
360N K. R. Market Narasapura
360P K. R. Market Bikkanahosahalli
360Q K. R. Market Dasanapura
361 K. R. Market Sidihosakote
361A K. R. Market Soppahalli
361B K. R. Market Chikkahagade Gate
361C K. R. Market Anekal
361D K. R. Market Chowdeshwari Temple
361K K. R. Market Naganayakanahalli
362 Shivajinagar Vijaya Bank Layout
362C Shivajinagar Beguru
362CA Shivajinagar Vishwapriya Layout
362D Shivajinagar Koodlu
362F Vivek Nagar Wipro Gate
362K Shivajinagar Bandenallasandra
362S Shivajinagar Anekal
364 K. R. Market Yelenahalli
364A Kempegowda Bus Station Arekere Mico Layout
364B Kempegowda Bus Station Devarachikkanahalli
364C Kempegowda Bus Station Vijaya Bank Layout
364D Vijay Nagar Devarachikkanahalli
364E Boopasandra Devarachikkanahalli
364F Kempegowda Bus Station Nayanappanahalli
364FA Kempegowda Bus Station Yelenahalli
364G Kempegowda Bus Station Kodichikkanahalli
365 Kempegowda Bus Station Bannerghatta National Park
365B Kempegowda Bus Station Malenallasandra
365C Kempegowda Bus Station Koppa
365D Kempegowda Bus Station Bilawaradahalli
365E Kempegowda Bus Station Shanubhoganahalli
365F Kempegowda Bus Station Nosenoor
365J Kempegowda Bus Station Jigani
365K Kempegowda Bus Station C K Palya
365M Yelahanka Satellite Town Bannerghatta National Park
365N Kempegowda Bus Station Giddenahalli
365P Kempegowda Bus Station Anekal
365Q Kempegowda Bus Station Dyavasandra
365R Kempegowda Bus Station Basavanapura
365S Kempegowda Bus Station Muthurayanaswamy Doddi
365W Kempegowda Bus Station Vaderamanchanahalli
366 K. R. Market Bannerghatta National Park
366A K. R. Market Devarachikkanahalli
366B K. R. Market Haragadde
366BA K. R. Market Seethanayakanahalli
366C K. R. Market Shanubhoganahalli
366D K. R. Market Krishna Doddi
366EA K. R. Market Kasuvinakunte
366F K. R. Market Nosenoor
366G K. R. Market Biliwaradahalli
366L K. R. Market Bukkasagara
366M K. R. Market Byatarayana Doddi
366N K. R. Market Giddenahalli
366P Meenakshi Layout Bannerghatta National Park
366Q K. R. Market Dyavasandra
366QA K. R. Market Nosenoor
366R K. R. Market Vaddarapalya
366T K. R. Market Lingapura
366W K. R. Market Vaderamanchanahalli
366X K. R. Market Tattekere
366Z K. R. Market Anekal
367 K. R. Market Ramasandra
367B K. R. Market K. R. Market
367C K. R. Market C K Palya
367CA K. R. Market Chinnaihana Palya
367D K. R. Market Kalkere
367F K. R. Market Pillaganahalli
368 Shivajinagar Bannerghatta National Park
368C Shivajinagar Jigani
368D Shivajinagar Shantinikethan Layout
368E Shivajinagar Arekere Lakshmi Layout
368F Shivajinagar Devarachikkanahalli
368H Shivajinagar Yelenahalli
368N Vivek Nagar Bannerghatta National Park
369 K. R. Market Hulimavu
369A K. R. Market Arekere Lakshmi Layout
369B K. R. Market Shantinikethan Layout
369C Kempegowda Bus Station Hulimavu
369CA Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkammanahalli
369D Kempegowda Bus Station Shantinikethan Layout
369E K. R. Market Chikkammanahalli
369F Kempegowda Bus Station Hommadevanahalli
369G Kempegowda Bus Station Chikkammanahalli
369H Kempegowda Bus Station Arekere Mico Layout
369J Kempegowda Bus Station C K Palya
369M Vijaya Nagar Hulimavu
369N K. R. Market Yelenahalli
369P K. R. Market Beguru
369Q Banashankari Chikkammanahalli
369R K. R. Market Chikkammanahalli
370 K. R. Market Shivanahalli
370A K. R. Market Ujappana Doddi
370B K. R. Market Korategere Doddi
370D K. R. Market Ujappana Doddi
370E Kempegowda Bus Station Ramanayakana Doddi
371A K. R. Market Kaggalipura
371D Kempegowda Bus Station Kaggalipura
372 K. R. Market Indlawadi
372A K. R. Market Chikkanahalli
372B K. R. Market Konasandra
372C K. R. Market Nisarga Layout
372E K. R. Market Chinnaiahana Palya
372F Kempegowda Bus Station Nisarga Layout
372G K. R. Market Kadajakkanahalli
372H Byrasandra Nisarga Layout
372J K. R. Market Bommandanahalli
372M K. R. Market Thammanayakanahalli
372MA Kempegowda Bus Station Thammanayakanahalli
373E Koramangala Chikkalasandra
373F Srinagar Electronic City
373J Shantinagar Bus Station Gonipura
373M Rajarajeshwari Nagar Attibele
374 Jayanagar 4th Block Thurahalli
374C Banashankari Jigani
374E Chikkalasandra Chikkalasandra
374F Chikkalasandra Chikkalasandra
374G Vijayanagar Vasanthapura
374K Madiwala Vasanthapura
374M Kengeri Nelamangala
374MA Kengeri Nelamangala
375 Byrasandra Shirke KHB Quarters
375B Shantinagar Bus Station Shirke KHB Quarters
375C Banashankari Globale Academy Bangarappa Nagar
375D Banashankari Kengeri
375E Banashankari Kengeri
375F Srinagar Kengeri
375G Banashankari Bidadi
375GA Koramangala Bidadi
375H Jayanagar 4th Block Kengeri
375J Shantinagar Bus Station Thippuru
377 Kaggalipura Nelamangala
377A Nelamangala Bidadi
377B Nelamangala Gonipura
378 Kengeri Electronic City
378A Kengeri Jigani
378B Uttarahalli Electronic City
378D Kengeri Electronic City
378F Banashankari Anekal
378G Kengeri Electronic City
378H ISRO Layout Electronic City
380 K. R. Market Kolathur
380B K. R. Market Thavatahalli
380BA K. R. Market Thavatahalli
380C K. R. Market Haraluru
380E K. R. Market Soluru
380F K. R. Market Devashetty Halli
380G K. R. Market Dandupalya
380H K. R. Market Jagadenahalli
380N K. R. Market Ummalu
380P Hoskote Bailanarasapura
380Q K. R. Market Orahalli
381 Kempegowda Bus Station Thimmasandra
381A K. R. Market Lakkondahalli
381C Hoskote Vijayapura
381D K. R. Market E Muthasandra
381E Kempegowda Bus Station Kambalipura
381F K. R. Market M Sathyawara
381G K. R. Market Vabasandra
381H K. R. Market Bhavapura
381J K. R. Market Gullahalli
381K K. R. Market Bettahalli
382 K. R. Market Kallahalli
382A K. R. Market Shivanapura
382B K. R. Market Nidaghatta
382C K. R. Market Doddanallala
382D K. R. Market Mugabala
382M K. R. Market Koratagere Doddi
383 K. R. Market Vaghata
383A Kempegowda Bus Station Poojena Agrahara
383B K. R. Market Honachanahalli
383C K. R. Market Bommana Bande
383D Kempegowda Bus Station Makanahalli
390 Hoskote Chikka Tirupati
399 Hoskote Electronic City
399A Hoskote Chandapura
399C Chikka Tirupati Anekal
399E Chikka Tirupati Jigani
399F Hoskote Anekal
400 K. R. Puram Hebbal
400A K. R. Puram HAL
400F K. R. Puram B Nagasandra
401 Yelahanka Yeshwantpur
401A Yelahanka Peenya 2nd Stage
401AB Bagaluru Jalahalli Cross
401AC Devanahalli Yeshwantpur
401AE Tharahunise Peenya 2nd Stage
401B Yelahanka Hampi Nagar
401BA Yelahanka Chikkalasandra
401BC Yelahanka Basaveshwaranagar
401C Peenya 2nd Stage Gottigere
401E Yelahanka Chandra Layout
401F Allalasandra Yeshwantpur
401H Yelahanka Hampi Nagar
401J Hunasooru Yeshwantpur
401JA Razak Palya Yeshwantpur
401JC Bande Kodigehalli Yeshwantpur
401K Yelahanka Kengeri
401KB Yeshwantpur Kengeri
401KC Devasandra Kengeri
401M Yeshwantpur Kengeri
401MA RMV 2nd Stage Kengeri
401N Yelahanka Hampi Nagar
401Q Yelahanka MCTC
401R Yelahanka BEML Layout 5th Stage
401RA Yelahanka Srinivasapura
401T Yelahanka Matthahalli
401W Yelahanka Satellite Town 5th Stage Peenya 2nd Stage
401Y Meesaganahalli Yeshwantpur
401Z Yeshwantpur Bidadi
402 K. R. Market Yelahanka Satellite Town 5th Stage
402B Kempegowda Bus Station Yelahanka Satellite Town 5th Stage
402C Kempegowda Bus Station Atturu
402D Kempegowda Bus Station Yelahanka Satellite Town 5th Stage
402M Chikkalasandra Yelahanka Satellite Town 5th Stage
404C Shivajinagar Atturu
404E Shivajinagar Yelahanka Satellite Town 5th Stage
406 Kempegowda Bus Station Nelamangala
407 Yelahanka Nelamangala
407B Yelahanka Yelahanka
407C Yelahanka Yelahanka
407D Yeshwantpur Yeshwantpur
407F Yelahanka Nelamangala
410 Bommanahalli Jalahalli Cross
410A Attibele Jalahalli Cross
410F Jayanagar 4th Block Yeshwantpur
410FA Banashankari Yeshwantpur
410FB Jayanagar 9th Block Yeshwantpur
410FC Nayandahalli Summanahalli
410J Jayanagar 4th Block Kamala Nagar
410M Banashankari Yeshwantpur
410N Nayandahalli Yeshwantpur
410PS Bommanahalli Peenya Satellite Bus Stand
411 ISRO Layout Domlur
411A Jayanagar 4th Block Basavanagar
411J Bannerghatta National Park Nadavatthi
412 ISRO Layout Hennur Cross
415 Shivajinagar V Nagenahalli
415A Kempegowda Bus Station Shampura
415A Kempegowda Bus Station V Nagenahalli
415E K. R. Market Amarajyothi Layout
415G Kempegowda Bus Station Shampura
415H Kempegowda Bus Station Amarajyothi Layout
415J Shivajinagar Chamundi Nagar
443A Kempegowda Bus Station Anjanapura
500 Banashankari Banashankari
500A Banashankari Hebbal
500AA Marathahalli Yelahanka Satellite Town
500B Central Silk Board Yeshwantpur
500BA Marathahalli Yeshwantpur
500BC Central Silk Board BEL Circle
500C Central Silk Board K. R. Puram
500CA Banashankari ITPL
500CF Banashankari Sarjapura
500CT Central Silk Board Tin Factory
500D Central Silk Board Hebbal
500DB Central Silk Board Mekhri Circle
500DC Chandapura Mekhri Circle
500DG Central Silk Board Nelamangala
500DH Attibele Hebbal
500DK Koramangala Hebbal
500DM Electronic City BEL Circle
500DS Central Silk Board Sahakar Nagar
500F Central Silk Board Kadugodi
500G Central Silk Board Devasandra
500H Chandapura K. R. Puram
500HK Hebbal Hoskote
500L Banashankari Tin Factory
500Q K. R. Puram Chowdeshwari Bus Stand, Mathikere
500QD Central Silk Board Chowdeshwari Bus Stand, Mathikere
500QG K. R. Puram Goraguntepalya
500QK Kadugodi Chowdeshwari Bus Stand, Mathikere
500QP K. R. Puram Hebbal
500T Marathahalli Hebbal
500TA Boganahalli Hebbal
500Y Kadugodi Yelahanka Satellite Town 5th Stage
501 Banashankari Banashankari
501A Hebbal Banashankari
501B Hebbal Hebbal
501C Hebbal Kengeri
501F Kottigepalya Kottigepalya
501GA Kengeri Agara
501L K R Puram Railway Station Kottigepalya
502 Kengeri Satellite Town Kadugodi
502A Marathahalli Kengeri
502B K. R. Market Madhuranagar
502C K. R. Puram Goraguntepalya
502D K. R. Puram Kengeri
502DA Kengeri Amruthahalli
502E Kottigepalya Hebbal
502F Kengeri Jalahalli Cross
502FA Kengeri Nelamangala
502H Kengeri Chikkabanavara
502HA Kengeri Ganagarahalli
502HC Uttarahalli Chikkabanavara
502J Uttarahalli Tin Factory
502K Kengeri Hesaraghatta
502L K. R. Puram Kottigepalya
502M Chikkalasandra Tin Factory
502V Kengeri Vidyaranyapura
503A Vidyaranyapura Central Silk Board
504C Marathahalli Marathahalli
504E Hoodi Domlur
505C Electronic City Tin Factory
505E Electronic City Tin Factory
506 Banashankari Devanagundi
506A Hebbal Devanagundi
507 K. R. Puram Peenya 2nd Stage
507A K. R. Puram Chikkabanavara
507B Kadugodi Peenya 2nd Stage
507C K. R. Puram Chikkabanavara
507D K. R. Puram Yelahanka 5th Phase
507E Tin Factory Yeshwantpur
507PS K. R. Puram Peenya Satellite Town
600 Banashankari Banashankari
600C Banashankari Chandapura
600CA Banashankari Anekal
600CB Banashankari Anekal
600CF Banashankari Electronic City
600CH Banashankari Huskur
600D Minaj Nagar Shikaripalya
600F Banashankari Attibele
600FA Banashankari Jigani
600FB AGS Layout Electronic City
600FC Banashankari Jigani
600FD Vijayanagar Attibele
600G ISRO Layout Chandapura
600GA Kumaraswamy Layout Chandapura
600KA Vijayanagar Electronic City
600KB Vijayanagar WIPRO Gate
600KD Vijayanagar WIPRO Gate
600Q Banashankari Electronic City
601 Banashankari Banashankari
G-2 Mayo Hall Sarjapura
G-2A Mayo Hall Sarjapura
G-3 Brigade Road Wipro Gate
G-3A Shivajinagar Wipro Gate
G-4 Brigade Road Bannerghatta National Park
G-5 Corporation Kaggalipura
G-6 Shantinagar Bus Station Shirke KHB Quarters
G-6A Koramangala Shirke KHB Quarters
G-7 Kempegowda Bus Station Janapriya Township
G-8 M. G. Road Nelamangala
G-9 Manekshaw Parade Grounds Yelahanka 5th Phase
G-9A Manekshaw Parade Grounds Yelahanka 5th Phase
G-10 K. R. Market Hegde Nagar
G-11 M. G. Road Bagalur
G-12 Jayanagar 9th Block Hoskote
K-1 Central Silk Board Peenya Satellite Bus Station
K-2 MCTC Hebbal
K-3 Basaveshwaranagar CPWD Quarters
K-4 Nagarabhavi BDA Complex CV Raman Nagar
K-5 Yellukunte Mallasandra
K-6 Jambusavari Dinne Kalyan Nagar
KIAS-2 Kempegowda International Airport BEML Layout 5th Stage
KIAS-4 Kempegowda International Airport HAL
KIAS-4A Kempegowda International Airport White Field
KIAS-5 Kempegowda International Airport Banashankari
KIAS-5A Kempegowda International Airport Jambusavari Dinne
KIAS-5B Kempegowda International Airport Bannerghatta National Park
KIAS-5C Kempegowda International Airport ISRO Layout
KIAS-6 Kempegowda International Airport Kadugodi
KIAS-6A Kempegowda International Airport Kadugodi
KIAS-7 Kempegowda International Airport HSR BDA Complex
KIAS-7A Kempegowda International Airport HSR BDA Complex
KIAS-8 Kempegowda International Airport Electronic City
KIAS-8A Kempegowda International Airport Kuvempu Nagar
KIAS-8B Kempegowda International Airport Banashankari
KIAS-8C Kempegowda International Airport Chandapura
KIAS-8D Kempegowda International Airport Doddakannalli
KIAS-8EW Kempegowda International Airport Wipro Gate
KIAS-9 Kempegowda International Airport Kempegowda Bus Station
KIAS-10 Kempegowda International Airport MCTC
KIAS-11 Kempegowda International Airport Padmanabhanagar
KIAS-12 Kempegowda International Airport BTM Layout
AS-1 Banashankari Avalahalli BDA Layout
AS-2 Ulsoor Pillanna Garden
AS-4 Indian Express Nagavara
AS-6 MCTC Ullalu Upanagar
AS-7 Peenya 2nd Stage Chikkabanavara
AS-8 Chowdeshwari Bus Stand, Mathikere Shankar Nag Bus Stand
AS-10 Bommasandra Jigani APC Circle
AS-12 Chikkabanavara Laggere
AS-13 Indian Express Shampura
AS-14 Banashankari Judicial Layout
AS-17 K. R. Market Hosakerehalli
AS-18 K. R. Market Chandra Nagar
AS-19 K. R. Market Kadirenahalli Park



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