Sankey Tank in Bangalore

Sankey Tank
Description Sankey tank is a manmade lake or tank, is situated in the western part of Bangalore in the middle of the suburbs of Malleshwaram.The lake covers an area of about 37.1 acres. At its widest, the tank has a width of 2,624.7 ft.Sankey tank was constructed by Col. Richard Hieram Sankey of the Madras Sappers Regiment, in 1882, to meet the water supply demands of Bangalore.The tank was also known as Gandhadhakotikere, as the Government Sandalwood Depot used to be located near the lake.
Genre Lake
District Bangalore
State Karnataka
Rating 2 Out of 5
Distance < 10 km
How to Reach Press “Directions” below – > Enter Your “Place” -> Then Select Your “Route options”


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