Turahalli Forest – Bangalore

Turahalli Forest
Description The Turahalli Forest is located about 20 km from Bengaluru off Kanakapura road. Its 13 km from Banashankari and can be overseen from the NICE road. Its easily reachable by road and one can ride their bike till the top of hill. The existence of many wild animals have been observed, such as jackal, hare, monitor-lizards, and mongooses. It is a very calm, clean place for those who wish to go for a short, one day trek. Its also famous among cyclists, as there are no steep curves or steep heights, making cycling in the area quite easy. Turahalli is also famous among rock climbers, because it has many boulders of various sizes and shapes. Many of Bangaloreans still practice rock climbing here on weekends and weekdays.
Genre Biking and Trekking
District Bangalore
State Karnataka
Rating 4 Out of 5
Distance Around 13 km
How to Reach Press “Directions” below – > Enter Your “Place” -> Then Select Your “Route options”


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