Bellandur lake

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Bellandur Lake


Description Bellandur Lake is a major water body which is located in one of the three main valleys of Bangalore. It forms a part of Ponnaiyar River catchment, and water from Bellandur flows to Varthur Lake, ultimately joining the Pennar River. Currently, most of Bengaluru’s treated and untreated sewage is let into this lake, severely polluting it, resulting in a depletion of wildlife in and around the lake.Impact of Urbanization with ongoing to fulfill the requirements and greed of Humans has cost the lake to lose its glory, forcing the fauna which was previously dwelling to change habitats. Residential and Commercial activities in and around the region has resulted in increasing the silt deposition in and the Surrounding location of lake has been major cause for loss of under-ground water recharge.
Genre Lake
District Bangalore
State Karnataka
Rating 2 Out of 5
Distance Around 15 km
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