Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangud


Description The Srikanteshwara Temple at Nanjangud is dedicated to the Hindu supreme deity Shiva, also called Sri Nanjundeshwara, to save the earth.In Hindu mythology, the Gods and demons churned the ocean in search of the ambrosia. During this churning, poison emanated first, followed by ambrosia. To prevent the poison from spreading across the universe, Shiva drank it. His consort Parvati then held his throat tightly to prevent the poison from spreading to the rest of his body. The poison remained in his throat, making it blue in colour. For this reason, Shiva is also called Neelakantha, or “the blue-throated one”. Nanjanagud literally means “the place where Nanja resides” in Kannada – Nanja is a short form of Nanjunda, or home of Nanja. Srikanteshwara translates to Sri meaning auspicious, Kanta meaning throat and Eshwara meaning Shiva
Genre Temple
District Mysore
State Karnataka
Rating 5 Out of 5
Distance Around  150 Kms
How to Reach Press “Directions” below – > Enter Your “Place” -> Then Select Your “Route options”


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