Guruvayur Devaswom, Guruvayur

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Description Guruvayur, according to the legends may be 5,000 years old as the Guruvayur temple idol is. There are no historical records to establish it. It is also believed that Lord Krishna, asked 2 sages to take the idol from his temple in Dwarka while the city was being destroyed and establish it in Kerala. The idol of lord krishna was brought by Vayu deva and brhaspathi and was placed in guruvayur. The name guruvayur is a merge of both their names “guru” brahaspathi and “vayu’ deva.Tourist Places are :

  • Guruvayur Temple
  • Mammiyur Mahadeva kshetra
  • Elephant Camp
  • Chettuva backwater
Genre Temple
District Thrissur
State Kerala
Rating 3 Out of 5
Distance Around 500 Kms
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